Master Horde Frenzy - Pahanu, Canals only 0.02%

I have been trying to unlock one of the new achievements which involves mastering a OP3 Hive and Horde Map. For the past week in Master Horde Frenzy Pahanu, Canals every team regardless of rank / character level we’ve met our end before wave 10. If you look at the achievement unlock percentage it stands at 0.02%. That seems way too low even with gamepass boost. I think TC went overboard with the tuning and made it near impossible. Something needs to be changed. What are your thoughts?

Unless it’s been changed, those percentages are based off of total player population at its highest point which is definitely not nearly as high as it was at launch, so I wouldn’t look into those percentages too much.

Have you tried doing those maps in standard Horde rather than Frenzy? It may or may not be easier. Haven’t had any experiences on those “new” maps(only one is, technically) so far, though, so not sure if they’re really any good for Horde in Gears 5. Canals was ok in Gears 4. But that had some gameplay differences, mainly in class/weapon strength. So no clue if Canals still is viable as a Horde map.

Does this achievement even work in Horde Frenzy?

I figured you’d have to complete Wave 50 on Master which doesn’t exist in Frenzy.

It’s common knowledge that you only need to do Wave 50 anyway. Just start up a Private Match and start on Wave 50.

Well I got progress for Seriously 5.0 when I did Exhibit on Master Frenzy so I’d figure it also works for that achievement(though I did only see my progress when I logged back in the next day).

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If the servers were stable and didn’t dissolve the lobby so much, maybe more people would have it. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Pahanu, me and my group of friends had to collectively complete around 400 waves in total before we finally completed a 1-50 master run. And we never failed it in the traditional sense. The lobby always dissolved and booted us all.

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A 1-50 private run or a Frenzy lobby(ies)?

You were continuously booted from private? I would believe it but haven’t run into that many kicks fortunately.

I think it does. Playing horde frenzy master on forge counted as mastering forge in stats. I have not tried starting at master 50 yet ,not too hopeful either but worth a shot I suppose.

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Slightly off the topic, but I have been wondering, is this issue only affecting Horde or is it just the servers repeatedly breaking down due to the length of a 50 wave match? I haven’t encountered any server related or hardly any dropouts in general while playing Escape. While I have often seen people leave Frenzy before the fabricator was even put down, but that may just be because of the fact that it’s public matchmaking filled with randoms who sometimes wouldn’t find their own backside in the dark with a map, flashlight and written instructions… so I’m not really sure whether it really is the servers or just some weird shenanigans only affecting Horde.

Frenzy lobby would be nice. Tired of joining the same lobby 6 times and resetting their que.

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It should work.

I did it on All Fathers for Season 2’s achievement and it progressed.

Yeah. We always play private lobbies - never public matchmaking. It’s happened on lots of different maps (Forge, Canals, Foundation, Asylum, Training Grounds), but as we were trying to master Pahanu, this one appeared to be disproportionately affected because we were playing this one much more. But as it’s happened on so many other maps I think it’s fair to say it’s not related to any specific map, but can happen on any of them.

It’s hard to know precisely why it’s crashing. I understand there was a specific cause previously because of Clayton’s ultimate reflecting Pouncer quills, but this isn’t the sole cause of crashing as me and my group have never used Clayton in Horde.

It could be something very specific that we’re not seeing which is causing the crash, or it could be more general servers being overloaded with people. We simply don’t know and haven’t really been able to establish any patterns.

I don’t think it’s down to the length of the game with Horde - today on Training Grounds it disonnected on wave 7. But we’ve had all kinds of different waves where it’s disconnected - 21, 23, 31, 34, 47… just some of the ones I remember.


True. The most promising frenzy run with all lvl 18 was ended due to an error that occurred.

Thanks. I’ll try to watch for commonalities.

So aggravating to put that much time in only to crash.

A couple of friends of mine have a theory - it’s not fully fleshed out and may lead to absolutely nothing, but they think there may be a link to JACK when he’s picking up weapons.

Basically these two friends played as JACK in several runs which ended in the lobby disconnected and the crash occurred right as they were picking up a weapon.

From my own personal experience, about 4 out of 5 crashes tend to occur toward the end of a wave where there’s only a couple of enemies left, or in-between waves. This tends to be the time that most JACK’s go to gather weapons. I haven’t played as JACK since Op 3 dropped, so I can’t comment one this.

It’s a very vague theory at this stage, and we haven’t had a chance to really test any specifics or variables. It may be a total coincidence and not lead to anything at all.

Would be great if the Horde community, particular those who play as JACK could keep an eye out on this. When I play as JACK I’ll be keeing my eye out on this too.


I need to finish the collect 3 million power or something to finish my horde tour, so I’ll be playing Jack myself the next week. Thanks for the heads up.

That’d be great. Keep us posted if you see any correlation. As I said, this is just a vague theory my friends had and there may be nothing in it at all.


Its because a lot of people dont like or want to play Master.

I think your friends might be right because same has happened to me four times now playing as Jack while trying to pick up weapons. All on masters and all on pahanu.

Some people may have not completed a Op3 hive on master.

Plus, unstable servers, and the grind you need to do to get to a point to do a master, on Escape and Horde, is a lot for some players.

My friend who played Gears 5 as his first Gears did the campaign, did a beginner horde, played a bit of Arcade and uninstalled. I imagine most GP players will have done the same, if that.


I’ll eventually get around to doing all the maps for the achievements but I’m dreading playing Masters it’s so boring lol.

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