Master Horde - Booted most games i join

I have re-upped 45 times, have every class except the promotional classes to level 20 and have mastered all Horde maps, i know the game like the back of my hand but i seem to be getting booted every time i join a horde match on Master difficulty lately. Is anyone else going through this? I already went off playing Horde on Master difficulty because of this reason but i have to do 50 waves of it for the tour of duty, once i have finished the last 12 waves i need i will no longer be playing on that difficulty. I feel like i am walking on egg shells every time i join a Master game and i cannot be bothered with the hassle, i have mastered every map already so it is no skin off my nose.

Are you reading the titles? Are you joining as a class that isnt needed? Is the map the daily that makes a particular class lackluster? I doubt these hosts are kicking people for no particular reason at all.

Host your own game?

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I always read the title and follow it. I am usually using one of the promotional classes, all are at least level 18, i have maxed the rest of the classes so i am looking to max the promotional classes as well. I am getting kicked even when other players in the game are using promotional classes too. I am not bothered anyway i just want to get the last Tour of Duty relating to Master difficulty done then i will go back to competitive versus as i have been doing the last 6 months. I would be more concerned if i was wanting to complete any Master maps as i have missed but since i have aready done them all this is water off a duck’s back to me. My main reason for posting was to see if getting kicked from these Master Horde games was common or not.

Found the problem. Unfortunately, the general playerbase see all of the promotional classes as bad. When, in fact, all 4 of the promotional classes are very good. Anything outside of the Mechanic, Demo. Tact and Pilot setup, the general playerbase will think those classes are bad. (Nothing wrong with doing that setup every single game, you won’t gain any knowledge though if you aren’t willing to let other classes join. But i know most aren’t interested in gaining any knowledge or learning something knew. They just want big explosions)

For some reason, gears randoms take an exceptionally long time to figure out if something is good because they stick to the classes that make explosions. To this day, most randoms still think Blademaster can’t be played on Master. Baffling.


I had a feeling that would have been the problem, but you would think that someone joining your game who has re-upped 45 times would know what they are doing, at least i would. I would at least give the benefit of the doubt and let them play a few waves instead of booting straight away before i have even put one foot in front of the other. I usually play on Escape to upgrade those promotional classes because there is less hassle and its quicker, the only reason from this point forward i will play a Master Horde game is if there is an objective tied to it. I usually do the daily Horde objectives myself on beginner difficulty, like complete 35 waves on Horde, i will bash them out myself or join a beginner Horde Frenzy. People are too fussy with Master Horde and when i play a game i play it to enjoy myself, i am not enjoying myself with Master Horde matches thats for sure. Thanks for your feedback. :smiley:

What region are you in mate?


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Good to have that info as a few helpful UK players may add you :slight_smile:


I’ve seen max level reup 60 level 100 players that absolutely have no clue what they are doing lol i usually let anyone into my game, I only kick people if they throw shock grenades at me or if they are specifically being a detriment to the team. My lobby title always says “Join if you’re not a coward” if you ever want to play.


It’s just the whole established meta thing where certain classes are seen to be much stronger than others so some players/hosts want the strongest possible team when it comes to composition of classes. But the way the classes have been balanced since launch, there’s much more parity between them nowadays. The Promos aren’t bad, but I guess the meta still exists. Plus with the Survivor mutator and the fact that 1-50 games take on average around 2 and half hours or so, it’s a big time investment so I guess alot of hosts want to maximise the chances of success. I personally only play 1-50 games with friends cos of this reason. And the grindiness of the game adds to this too - people want skill cards, CXP, XP etc.

I say host your own lobby; or play with friends.

With Frenzies it doesn’t seem so bad with fussy hosts, presumably cos they’re shorter games - probably 40-45 minutes on average.


Your right, its a big time investment and you want the best team you can get. I know thats what i would have preferred en-route to completing all Horde maps on Master. I am enjoying competitive versus anyway and have been doing so most of the year, i only play Horde to meet the daily objectives and the Tour of Duty, its only the Master side of it that is the problem, any other objecive tied to Horde can be completed easily on your own. I am only going to use promotional classes and if i cannot get a game with those classes then so be it. Only 12 waves of Master to go and i can wash my hands with it until the next tour.

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It does highlight that some players in the wider community are not open minded enough and are stuck in their ways of judging classes. Some of the players on the forums here are very good and knowledgeable and know how to play these non-meta classes extremely well but they’re not representative of the rest of the community. I expect all players have experienced games which went badly, or where a player would join the lobby with an under-powered or under-levelled non-meta class hoping to be carried for the CXP and skill cards and do very little, hence why some classes are seen as more valuable and why many players are quick to conclude that some classes are much worse than others- melee classes especially.

Plus as I said, the PVE classes have gone through lots of changes over time. Previously they were much more imbalanced, and many classes like say, Blademaster and Anchor were nowhere near as strong as they are now. Even the Promotional classes got a big buff more recently. But they weren’t always like this so I guess many players still think of them as being as they were in Operation 1.


That’s kind of what happens when you have classes like Demo/Marksman/Tact that can deal a lot of damage like BM but with way less effort and skill required. I struggle a lot while playing as Striker/Protector and that’s with watching/spectating you and the other homies like Gnasty, Warm, Wicked, and Legacy. Then I sometimes be listening to podcasts when playing as those three classes and win most of the time no problem. It’s kind of the same reason why people pick Blood Drive or Checkout the moment they appear in the map vote. People just want easy wins with next to no effort required lol.


Yeah its just natural for the majority to take the easiest route possible for most things in life, not even just videogames.


OP, only for knowledge: Every time you got booted happened on the same day? Or was it on different days?

Sometimes I got a strange glitch that I can join to horde lobbies, the game was on the map screen and after that I got a error message saying that I was kicked from the game. And the host never kicked me.

The same for Escape. Even if I’m host I got the same error. The only way to fix this is restarting the game.

The first time I thought that no one wanted Combat Medic on the team :anguished:

I think a lot of casual horde players sleep on the Promo classes, so they are probably biased against them. Slugger can deal some serious damage, but I’ve been kicked the most when joining a lobby as that class. Even in the hands of a semi-competent player, a Slugger is a solid class to have in the group. But casual Horde players don’t understand that.

I presume youre going for lvl20 promos cxp to get seriously 5.0 ?
If this is youre only goal - play Clock master runs, or start master overload lobbies. I think theyre the most efficient ways to get to lvl 20 if you dont care about cards or learning how to play or having fun.

In my opinion people who kick constantly other players because they do not specifie certain characteristics blablabla should maybe think about themselves. Maybe they are not good enough by themselves to equalize 1 or 2 “weaker” classes.
Which ist truly sad when I look at their playtime it’s mostly 3x - 4x more than me and I am able to play with everybody every master horde even when there special modifications.

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Pretty sure that people don’t ban Demo and Marksman from their lobbies because they are so bad that they cannot play without at least one of those two present on the team.