Master emblems seasson 4 not ready!

When? I’ve been waiting for a long time. Octus commented that they would be for this update and nothing.

He said they’d be put in the game files on this update. They may very well be, but just not distributed to people’s accounts yet. Wait and see if they say anything tomorrow. If not, maybe next week.

Emblem will probably suck anyway so don’t worry about it lel. The season 3 ones are garbo

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Someone just a little jealous of the D5 emblems? :wink:


Very :joy:

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Not going to lie, I felt a little left out when I was with a Squad and the other 4 guys had a D5 emblem and I’m just a lowly Onyx 2 :sob::sob::sob: - still held my one though :muscle:

Also this happened - the guys are normally Diamond in KOTH that I played against (EU playerbase is so small that I pretty much know all the players :laughing:)

I can’t even rock the D5 emblem because people just leave in the pregame lobby when they see 3+ PC players and some of them having D5 emblems lmao. I’d only rock that emblem if I was on Xbox

And jeez that may be the biggest carry I’ve seen in this mode LOL

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Yeah, I understand why people would back out on a D5 PC player - ain’t NOBODY got time for that! :rofl:

Aha, I did 13-0 once with a 7-0 win but didn’t take a pic :see_no_evil: - was a good match though and first round I was AFK until they rushed my spawn and I got two reaction shots off ASAP and that was the beginning of the end for them :grimacing:

On a side note, I am looking forward to see what TC cooks up for the new D5 emblem.

They did after all do a good job on the Black Mamba one so there’s hope yet.

Lmao I don’t blame them either, but it makes my queue times even longer :cry:

But yeah for the D5 emblem, I heard they were incorporating red into it this season. I can’t recall where I heard it or confirm it, but it would be really cool if they made it red instead. I may rock it in Horde if it looks good enough :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had 4 lobbies dissolve in a row today. Crazy.

Oh nice, D5 Emblem wrapped around Fire would look really nice.

Wonder what it will be.

Hopefully not long to wait and see.

Also, those new Kantuses - the black armoured one looks very Black Steel ish.

Have to see it in game tbh first but if so, will have to collect it :raised_hands:

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Thank you, API. Again. :metal:

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