Master At Arms Achievement

Is there anyway to know what guns you got 50 kills for versus because the journal shows horde kills too?

Some people have reported this only works if your GT privacy settings are a certain way. I can’t remember what it’s supposed to be though as it works fine for me.


Just looking at that link it looks dodgey asf lol

Ha, yeah the address looks dodgy but I checked it before posting and it still works (I used it around the time the achievement first came ou around a year ago). You just type in your gamer tag and as long as your privacy settings aren’t set to strict or something then it brings you a breakdown of your progress per weapon.

EDIT: Other players can vouch for this site cos they’ve used it too, if you’re unsure.

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Ok that will be last resort I think but nice1

I checked it for you. You’re missing:

Buzz kill - 31
Hammerburst- 15
Enforcer - 3
Mulcher - 25


Executions with those weapons are listed too, but I’m not sure if they count.

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Really ok ill count how many kills I get n ill see if its right



You was right about them anyway bro nice1

Done this myself already, been doing it for a friend & im 98% complete , the tracker link brings up my stats but not friends ( gamer tag not found ) privacy setting are the same on both our accounts …any help ??

Are you sure their game history and achievements is public?

Thanks for response, ive checked all privacy settings nothing seems to be blocked & ive changed all settings to ‘Allow’ which previously werent …looking at certain posts on google, it does state about making achievments viewable…i cant find a separate setting for achievments ,…driving me mad