Master At Arms achievement bug or mistake by TC?

So the rules of this achievement are very simple. I’ll quote it for starters (Get 50 kills with every weapon in versus, EXCLUDING GRENADES" I highlighted the words “Excluding grenades” for a reason which you’ll see down below.

You see I have over 50 kills with literally EVERY weapon I’ll even tell you them all since I have my war journal open currently.
Lancer Kills=2,403
Gnasher Kills=36,201
Snub Pistol=525
Retro Lancer=223
Torque Bow=477
Salvo=109 and last but not least the
(Note:These kills WILL be increased of course!)

As you can see all of the weapons I listed aren’t grenades so shouldn’t I have the achievement according to the rules? Unless ofc it’s a typo the coalition didn’t catch notice of or this could just possibly be a bug but if it is not then this brings me back to my earlier statement with the word Excluding meaning the complete opposite of the word Including(Definition=To take account of) while excluding means to not take account of.

With Frags I have 1,778 kills and with incendiary I have 403 and smoke doesn’t really tell you that you need any kill so this just brings me to the shock grenade…With this grenade I only have 41 kills…yeah I know disappointing but that’s not the point. The point is if this is a bug I hope it’s fixed soon so that I could get the achievement as I’m literally on 99% with it and did as the rules told me. But if this is a typo I hope this thread informs the coalition so that they fix it to saying (including grenades) as the shock grenade I’d the only grenade I dint have 50 Jill’s with.

I’d also like to note that my kills with the shock have not been registering. So I did a little experiment. I threw the shock as I normally would and downed two people and killed them and after the match I checked for an increase and nothing
(Note:my shock kills were always set at 40) so when that didn’t work I knew of another way to kill a fella with this grenade. GRENADE TAGGING!!! And after SO MANY ATTENPTS AND RAGING I FINALLY DID IT AND IT WORKED!!! my shock kills increased by 1!!!

To end off this thread I’d just like to say that if this is a bug then I hope it’s fixed right away cause I lovez me some achievements. But if it’s a typo then I hope the coalition Fix that right away as well
Oh and one more thing. Out of all the other times I picked up the shock and just threw it and downed people, they counted as kills. no clue why they don’t anymore now. Another suggestion is could we possibly bring back the shock grenade down thing that counts as a kill??? I’m a rusher I like to go in headfirst and destroy my opponents…we all have weaknesses and…I just can’t be expected to tag someone without their teammates having their backs 99% of the time. But anyways that’s all if anyone could help me it’ll be very much appreciated thanks!

Kills in the war journal are campaign related, there is a tool at that can give you the numbers you need


Apparently you need 6 more with the Mulcher in versus and it’ll pop


Such a useful tool. Hopefully Gears 5 has a tracker inbuilt like gears 2 did where people could easily see their progress ingame.

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Agreed. I used it when i wanted to check and i almost cried. I needed some 40ish Salvos. I’ve done it now, but getting Speyer voted in was a nightmare until the new longshot achievement appeared and everyone wanted that two longshot map.

But for sure, Gears 5 needs tracking capabilities. Gears 4 may have had it too as OP mentions the War Journal trackings, just the new achievement was added later if im not mistaken.

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And yes I got all my kills in versus its all I rlly play

The screenshot i posted, shows all your versus kills that are registered against your gamer tag “Gears Kaios”. According to those stats, you only need 6 kills with a mulcher and your achievement will unlock.
Go and do that, then come back if it hasn’t popped. Unless you are using a different gamertag, then by all means, check that gamertag too.

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Put your Gnasher down for a while and use other weapons available in the game. Then you would not have had this problem or think it was related to shock grenades. Which is obviously doesn’t.

Omg thank you for the help I was sooooo confused!!!


Glad to have been able to help.


Hey thanks Louix. I need snub kills to complete this and I had no idea. …
Been using every single weapon EXCEPT snub. Lol
Thanks bro !

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That site is amazing. I wish I had known about this a while ago. Will they be adding more stats later on?

Would imagine so as it has track for the Dropshot and Longshot Mastery, and the 5000 kills cheevo.

Do you mind searching up my Gamertag? (GWG iKnowledge) My progress has 91% but on the site everything shows as 0 kills.

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It appears your settings are private. Needs to be public to search for that info.

Okay gotcha i can see it now. Forgot i set my profile up that way

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Sweet. You don’t have much to go.