Master 19998 in Gridirion after 5 games?


Obviously, everyone starting bronze wasn’t ideal before, but i’m very surprised that TC did a total 180°, and now allow every rank after the placement games.
I’m not bad at the game, i play since gears 1, did a lot of LANs, particicpated in the pro circuit in gears 4, and whatever was close to one in previous gears.
But i played those placements alone, did very well individually, but lost 2 games out of 5 very closely (played against good players as well). But isn’t it very strange to start at like 2pts from the maximum directly ?
I mean i don’t mind if the matchmaking can keep pairing me with people who knows how to play the game, i couldn’t be happier.

I don’t know what to think about it, what do you guys think ?

I think the people that’re having a hard time while being screwed by the system, might be angry.

Too many people posting about this

Yea lol, cant even log on rn

Haha yeah sorry, just saw it after posting, was too shocked.

But then i mean algo is maybe not too wrong, most games looked like this :

No what I mean is shushhhh everyone let’s just see if we can pull a sneaky on The Coalition




You’re just that good

Anyone know if this has been fixed yet? I’d love to get a free Mastery rank and show off to my friends who don’t care.


I checked it about an hour ago, still top 51% of masters

I also have friends who don’t care, I’m just the only person who plays gears

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One of my buddies played a lot of Guardian and 2v2s with me in 4. Both were about Onyx 1-2.

But as we all know–Gears 5 isn’t at the same standard anymore.

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I don’t think anything was broken. This is just how The Coalition’s ranking system works for brand new modes.

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I think we’re all just really good and should work on our self worth

I mean–it’sone way to promote the new mode.

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I look forward to never receiving my skins for ranked ever again


Wtfff please tell me you’ve gotten them by now. I haven’t seen anybody talking about it so I just assumed everybody had gotten theirs.

Also yeah, going forward I’m not even gonna try to log in/reclaim skins on the first day of a new Operation. Not going through that again.

Nope still haven’t received them. Thinking of opening a third ticket.

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I would. It took me 3 before I finally got that reply I posted in the other thread. Before that it was just the same copy/paste response you’ve all probably gotten.

I got my ranked skins for my main acct, but not my alt…
I don’t understand TC sometimes

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I opened a third ticket. 3 weeks now.