Massive shame - could have been great

After all these years since gears 1 was released nothing has changed.
Games have changed a lot since gears 1 was released but for some reason gears 5 decided it didn’t want to it just wanted to stay exactly the same. When gears first came out in 2006 or something close to that it was new, exciting and something different but then I guess the developers just decided to get lazy and just milk it for its its worth.

Now I don’t play pvp in gears (if I want to do some pvp then I play pvp games not games that want to TRY and do everything) I only do the campaign but really you can play any gears game and there really isn’t any difference apart from the story.
They really could have gone crazy with gears 5 and made it truly great and modern instead we got this trash.

There just isn’t anything new or exciting in the game at all it’s a massive let down.

Glad it was free on Xbox because I would have hated to have paid for this 10-13 year old game!!

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Care to explain why you think it still is exactly the same as Gears 1? I’m not insulting, just curious. But if your point was that the only real great thing about Gears 5 is the Campaign, I could at least agree on that it was great. But Escape also seems to be pretty decent. I just wish that at least Horde was also that good… or it could be if at least we weren’t forced to put up(or not) with a no duplicate character restriction in Horde(which also exists in Escape but I doubt will lead to complications until they start to add other characters like Kait).

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Looks like the things that really bother you are the core mechanics. Then I’m afraid to say Gears is not for you.
It’s ok, ppl have different tastes. Still this topic is unecessary since you really can’t explain what you expected either.

Ok, moving on, nothing else to read here.