Massive bugs and issues! developers what the hell?

So… There is a massive amount of bugs I can sit here and list but the main one that has been an issue lately is Horde… When I join my character is just a weapon… a floating weapon… invisible character model and i am unable to move, the game goes on and the enemies can see me but I cant do a single thing… this has happened 10 times in a row and I can not even play the game… A friend of mine reported to me that when he tries to join any multi player game his game crashes. We can play the campaign co-op fine but if we try to play online with others it crashes… Another thing he reported to me is the common error of the video card not responding (code GW502)

The campaign isnt bad. The game is beautiful and graphically is beautiful… but the developers released a game that was not complete… Its not right that you guys released a game this condition… Its absurd! This is your 5th Gears game… How can you in good conscious charge $60 for this??? It’s criminal. Its like they didnt even take the time to test it out and get everything working before release. The developers for this game should be ashamed.