Markza question

Oh well pardon my manners,

Good day mate.


No no. That’s Austrian, Kyle

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I didn’t know. I’m sorry @GhostofDelta2

Ugh smh. Ghost is British

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Good gravy.

I can’t keep up.

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The A is silent too.

So when you want to say Markza, you look at the gun and don’t say anything and just blink twice.

"Please pass me my … (blink blink)

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I always thought it was a Designated Marksman Rifle, rather than a Sniper Rifle, because of its lack of long range.
I pronounce the Markza as Mark Zah. I am English, we like to pronounce our A’s and H’s

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It was more of a sniper rifle in Judgement but TCs “Finicky Indie Weapon” is designed for closer encounters.

“Marc” is French


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My Russian friend used to call it “Markiza” back in Judgment days.

As for Gnasher, we always said “Guh-Nasher” and when someone said “Nasher” we were like “bruh”. Even Epic knew that, they had a medal called “Guh-Nasher” well, back in Judgment days.

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If it was a Longshot with six rounds it would actually be able to kill

The old Judgement markza was not to be trifled with.

Well from my memory anyways :sweat_smile:

The new markza is good in the hands of a classic baird. Or a savage Kantus :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I never pick it up anymore because I’m awful with it lol. I’ll stick to the retro lancer.

What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages ? Tri-lingual
What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? Bi-Lingual
What do you call someone who speaks 1 language? Anglophone…


but seriously, I don’t know where the extra k would come from, so for me just markza…

re Polish, lol, these days it really sounds like English just pronounced the Polish way, so many English words made their way into the language, it makes me laugh whenever I watch some Polish thing on Netlilfx/etc…

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It explains why i could not use it in Gears of War Judgement, but i can use it effectively (mostly) in Gears 6. I prefer it as a DMR to be perfectly honest, it breaks from the Longshot nicely.

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Huh!? What!? :thinking:

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I never realised i wrote 6. Lol. Obviously i did mean 5.