Markza question

i just call it a longshot with 6 bullets in the mag :slight_smile:

I’m with you on this one.

The “joke” requires prior knowledge of an extremely niche reference that 99% of people would not know to be funny. If they went with someone mainstream who has been on TV every night for the past 25 years like Mariska Hargitay on Law and Order opposite of Ice-T (who is associated with Gears) it might have landed.

I’ve never once watched that show but it has been around so long that the actors’ names are still familiar. Now, you’ll read the gif’s text in his voice and buy a subscription to Carshield.


“Mark-za”, as it’s meant to be said.

I call it the Marzkovitch or Marzinkski

The ‘K’ and the ‘Z’ in ‘Markza’ are actually both silent.

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Don’t talk rubbish, Mar.


I am glad you aren’t my English professor

‘Markza’ is French.

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I wouldn’t know because I don’t speak French

tbh ur English is rlly bad also.

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I can’t argue that

My Russian friends say Gnasher as “Ga-nash” with the emphasis on “ Nash”. It’s very funny to hear it as I’m used to English variants.

I like this one :laughing:

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Yeah it went completely over my head. I don’t know her, never heard of her. Couldn’t care less.


The ‘n’ in ‘Gnasher’ is actually silent.

So are the “m” & “r” in mark


‘Mark’ is French.


My friend calls the gnasher a gasher…

I think we need a smaller version, perhaps a side arm, or one like this


Haha I loved the Bean0 and Dandy comics, and The Broons and Oor Willie :joy:

P.S. I had to spell Bean0 with a 0 as the forums don’t allow the word :thinking: Moronic.

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Yeah, i had the same issue a while ago. I asked tc why but no answer.

Used to get them books every christmas, i would get 2 and my bro would get the other 2.

Any way cant take this off topic😉