Markza Mk 2 ≠ The Breechshot

At first I was elated when I saw that TC was considering the inclusion of the Breechshot, one of my favorite weapons from Judgment, as a weapon in Gears 5. Albeit under the prototype Markza Mk 2. The execution here could be better. The identity of the Breechshot has been lost and we are only left with its function. If the sniper is introduced into the main game, will this all be rectified? I want to believe but I feel I should elaborate.

The Breechshot, for those who are unaware, is a locust sniper rifle that was introduced in Gears of War: Judgment. The design shares similarities with the Markza but it’s silhouette is altered by a large blade at the base of the grip and a protruding bolt handle. The locust insignia and red/brown bands around the rifle give the impression that it has been tampered with. A testament to locust innovation. When fired, the Breechshot explodes in a loud thud as the user works the action, ejecting the spent casing and chambering a new round. A sound worthy of the headshot. It is a fun weapon to wield and can make for clip-worthy moments due to the Breechshot’s lack of a scope and 4 round mag.

As of now, the Breechshot lives on in Gears 5 as the Markza Mk 2. Visually, it is almost identical to the original design but lacking the blade and bolt handle. It’s a Markza with a longer barrel. Overall, boring and uninspired. Its silhouette is ambiguous making it difficult to tell what gun it is from range. When fired, the Mk 2 reuses the same sound as the Markza. This is unacceptable. Not only does this further confuse players with poor audio design but it makes the gun feel weak when compared to the damage it actually deals.

Much of the Gears of War experience can be attributed to the character of the guns themselves. There aren’t many of them; but they all feel distinct and have a story behind their design. What is the story behind the Mk 2? The UIR fancied the locust idea of a Markza sniper copied it? The UIR already have an efficient and trusted medium to long range weapon at their disposal. Although the repurposing of preexisting weapons to fill a gap in an arsenal is commonplace in real-life warfare, the design of the Mk 2 comes off as lazy and muted in a game about killing underground monsters with chainsaw guns.

If the Mk 2 is to be implemented into the main game the following changes need to take place:

  • Give the Mk 2 model a more distinct silhouette
  • Change the sound to be more unique and fitting of the weapon’s power

Along with changes I would prefer:

  • Change the model and name back to the Breechshot
  • Change the mag size back to 4 rounds

Again, I understand that the Markza Mk 2 is just a prototype for now. This post is meant to outline why the Breechshot is a special weapon to me as well as the gameplay ramifications of releasing the Mk 2 as is. Hopefully this has been informative and will help revitalize a classic weapon.


It will always be a prototype, its not going to be fully released and given skins and such, it was scrapped in early development and was added as an easter egg of sorts, the fact that they are balancing it is suprising.


If anything does come of this experimenting (with different tunings), it will be for the future in GOW6 I imagine. It’s definitely odd that TC are even bothering with any balancing as I was under the impression that adding the Breechshot/Markza Mk2 was just a way of TC giving us something from the cutting-room floor to have a play about with. It was stated to have been abandoned during development.

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TC balancing the Mk 2 further is what drove me to make this post. It seems more likely that its inclusion could be a possibility along with the revive grenade. It doesn’t have to be the Breechshot exactly. At the very least it should be a well designed weapon.

The only way a Markza Mk II/Breechshot could be properly balanced in the game is if it had a two round magazine. Headshots kill in 1 hit, 2 active hit down, 3 normal shot down. 12 rounds on pickup.

I guarantee it would be powerful centerline weapon with these specs. About on par with the Boomshot.

As it stands now, it’s the most powerful weapon in the game by leaps and bounds. It’s fine as an event weapon, but it would certainly need to be toned down if fully implemented.

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I just hope it’s nerfed

Ur face

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well, regarding the history of mk 2 I suppose that weapon is not canon, it shows that tc had every intention of implementing the breechshot to gears 5, but in the end they discarded the idea, that’s why it is and I think it It will remain as a prototype weapon, that or the move to ue5 is taking more work than we can think, so like the revive grenade prototype it was only left as a nice bonus for this last operation, because actually if they had wanted They could not implement them and now, although I am managing to enjoy this version of markza, and I will probably remember it in the future as a nice curiosity exclusive to gears 5, as a fusion of breechshot and gears 4 markza, even so I don’t think they give it any more identity There for now, as far as I can deduce the weapon would not have to be strictly canonical for the franchise, just a gadget for multiplayer, although I agree that if the plans are to make it a new weapon it needs more identity, and I am also a Faithful believer that Markza Mk 2 ≠ Markza GZ18, so I hope and don’t give it a telescopic sight and pretend that they are the same without it having 10 shots and the original sounds, doing these retcons in the functioning of the weapons seem like changes to me very unnecessary, in fact I still don’t understand why they changed the hammerburst 2 to bursts instead of just adding the classic hammerburst and altering the perspective we had of that weapon without any explanation in the history of why it changed ://

To all this I do not understand why they changed the markza mk 1 from 5 shots to 8/9/10 varying the game mode, if they wanted a markza of 10 shots they had the gz18 markza, and they took away a part of the identity from the mk, they seem not deciding how many rounds they want me to have, I suppose it is for balance but I still believe that it was very good as it was with 5 shots ://

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I expect that this was their way of saying the Breechshot (along with the HoD and Stim Grenades) is coming back in Gears 6, there was just no sense in perfecting the design and implementing weapon skins and specific executions in the sendoff operation. At least I hope so, I would much rather see the real Breechshot return as the Swarm’s precision weapon and have a “new and improved” Markza feature a scope (seriously, please?)

Although, it got me thinking that if the Breechshot does return then the EMBAR is going to need some touching up since in terms of raw power and follow up shots it loses out to the Longshot AND Breechshot now.
True, it can get collateral kills and has the stun effect on active… and that may be all you need to distinguish it as a weapon choice in PvP.
As for PvE, I’d propose allowing it to actually penetrate helmets and shields while giving it a damage increase somehow (bump up the critical modifier? give it more body shot damage than the Longshot?). I think it could really use the added utility and help the weapon see more usage.

Overall I agree with your topic, I’m elated to find another Breechshot advocate that shares my passion.