Markza 2 prototype is automatic

I don’t know if this is intentional or not but if anyone doesn’t know you can just hold down the fire button for the MK 2 version.

Probably intentional, cause letting go won’t help you shoot any faster

weird that we can’t zoom in though

No idea but headshots are so rewarding.

markza go pop


Who needs headshots when it’s a 2 shot down :rofl:


Yeah the mkII is supposed to mimic the Judgement version.

Without the scope ofc :pensive:

It needs a scope tbh

TCs post stated the Breechshot, I’m pretty sure, which was a one shot headshot in Versus in J. At least, from what I hear of it. And had no scope. Judging by the current way the weapon looks however, they may have been aiming at something else for it but what they currently had resembled the Breechshot more so they went with that.

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Oof. My memories getting bad lol.

Judgment Mk2 was 2 headshots to kill and four to the body.

Real Breechshot was one to the head, and three body shots.

The source doesn’t say if the body shots lead to a down or a kill, but considering Judgment didn’t have DBNO, I’ll assume kills.

Its a bit stronger with the body shot damage but its till fun. I plan on hosting some Breechshot only lobbies in the near future. Its gonna be fun if people actually join.

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I keep getting called out for using it. I got a cute report.

People are weird.

Oh no, he’s using a freely available pickup weapon! How dare he! proceeds to furiously roll face over keyboard and spam the report button



Same here. It has been largely ignored in the few matches I played yesterday. People seem to have no idea this is not just a standard Markza and are ignoring it.


It’s supposed to function as the breechshot from Judgment

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That was my first thought when I got 1 (head) shot killed by it. It’s too much in my opinion.


Thats how the OG breechshot worked

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I just want this gun in horde. Would be so much fun.


The thing seems monstrous, imo. Granted, I’ve only gotten to use in a private match, but I think the lack of a scope, helps balance it out a bit.

It’d go well with the Marksman.