Marksman's " Patience " Card?

Post is same as title - Marksman’s " Patience " Card?

Is there really no way to speed this up? It’s pretty insane that I have to wait two entire minutes in order to start benefitting from the increased ultimate recharge rate.

I personally very very rarely use it - I used to use it on a couple of Escape Hives. On the hardest difficulties you’re likely to take damage - even a tiny bit and it will reset the timer. Nowadays I just don’t bother as there are about 7-8 skill cards that are better, so you can easily pick 5 from that pool.

All character’s ultimate cooldowns are linked to damage done anyway, and Fahz’s / Marksman’s recharge seems to have gotten a buff with Operation 5, so the damage done knocks off big chunks of time. I did some master Hordes recently and I was able to average something like 12-13 uses of X-Ray for every 10 waves played. It was insane. I was constantly in X-Ray.

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Don’t bother with it at all. Unless you’re going to just sit around in a corner and pop off the ult occasionally. Until TC changes the delay where it kicks in to be a LOT shorter or for it to only reset if you go down or something, it is 100% and utterly pointless. You can’t do anything or the tiniest tickle will reset the timer.

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Well, what kind of cards should I use for Fahz? – Er, I mean. Marksman?

I personally use this build for Horde currently :
Explosive Headshot
Critical Parade
Icy Precision
Exploit Weakness

I decided to swap out Modified Longshot for explosive headshots as it really was just more fun in a way, and useful, but also wanted to keep Icy Precision, which is more useful as you can’t really headshot Scions in one shot after wave 10 on Master even with Mod Longshot outside of X Ray with the class.

In Escape, the build is hive dependant but on a general basis I would suggest having :
Explosive Headshot

As those three skills are pretty much the most useful in any situation and don’t depend on specific weapons to work.

Hive dependant skills are :
Modified Longshot
Mod EMBAR(mainly on The Split)
Icy Precision(take it for hives with Wardens that can be killed, if it has a Marzka. or The Trap to render the Stumps harmless and easy to kill)

Although I may sometimes forgo explosive headshot for Icy Precision too if reflective shell Scions are present and I can get a Markza to freeze them.

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Well… The card name is “Patience” for a reason! :sweat_smile: