Marksman X-Ray bug

I found a bug in Horde. When is two Marksmans in Horde and both use ultimate, second x-ray cancel the active ability of first sniper.
Shortly: One X-ray caneceling other X-Ray

Its possible to fix it?


Thanks for figuring this out. The root cause,I mean

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Thanks :slight_smile: And i found one more problem.
X-Ray not work with Marcus Ultimate Ability. When Marksman stand in Living Legend range, X-Ray shots does not cause any damage.

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Handy to know, I’ll chase this down for you!

Wait what? Since when?

The only issue I have encountered with said combo is that sometimes for no reason Living Legend stops providing the Marksman with auto aim when I’m still within its radius.


True, I had that a few times, but that’s been an issue before OP5 and could usually be “fixed” by going in and out of cover.

Speaking of:

@TC_Kilo1062 are you guys aware Fahz’/Marksmans new passive ability doesn’t work? At all.

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