Marksman "Critical Damage" Perk maxed is 25%, not 50%

Some of you might’ve seen it already, the perk is busted. It starts with 5% for the first level, 3% for the second, another 3% for the third and from 4th level up to 10th it’s always a 2% increase. Hence:

  1. 5%
  2. 8%
  3. 11%
  4. 13%
  5. 15%
  6. 17%
  7. 19%
  8. 21%
  9. 23%
  10. 25%

Feel free to test it yourselves. Basic Longshot headshot damage non-active is 3000. Just level up once and keep going from there.

@TC_MichaelAOS Something that may require fixing… the UI indicates a 5% increase every level up to 50% but it’s not.


Is it all critical damage, or just the Marksman? Lets the testing begin lol.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all of them. I just remember that Marksman’s one was buffed from 15% to (theoretically) 50%. I don’t know whether the same thing happened for the others?

Holy Diminishing Returns, Batman!

Oh TC… We try to cut you some slack, but this isn’t helping your case is it?

It’s for all classes and i remeber when they changed/buffed the Perk in OP4 from 15% and said they changed it to 25% i guess it’s just a Visual Glitch

Edit: it’s under Perks (of course)


Was looking for this for a while lol.

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Yeah I was testing that perk for Demolitions earlier. And it was as only 25% buff. I believe crit damage only works on headshot hits from ballistics and the occasional Dropshot and Boomshot headshots too.

Critical damage has no effect on extra damage done to bosses shooting at their weak points (ex: Carriers chest, Wakaatu’s venom sacs, Snatchers underbelly) with explosives. So effectively that perk doesn’t really belong with Demolitions anyways.

I’m surprised there’s not as much commotion about this.


Are you telling me RE’s Crit perk only tops out at 25% not 50 like the game says? Here I thought he actually had a good perk…

Guess what @xXRealkainXx mentioned, it’s never supposed to be 50%. They just messed up the visuals.
Should apply to all classes with that perk.

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That’s why i always say i wish RE had Precision Rifle Damage Perk instead of the not working and also not needed Repair Cost Perk

Also I would like to point out that I was testing something last night about Demolitions.

It turns out the Critical Damage perk for Demo is not only pointless (doesn’t really match the class tbh), but it’s broken as well. There’s NO damage increase on critical or weakpoint hits with the perk maxed at level 10 vs level 0.

Ballistic damage on critical spots don’t do more damage. Explosive damage on critical spots don’t do more damage - hence not any extra bleed either. And the Demo’s Ultimate doesn’t do any extra damage on bosses if it hits the critical spot. The other 3 perks are fine…just don’t know why Demo has critical damage. Health or Damage Resistance would be more suitable IMO.



Critical Damage perk ONLY works when firing ballistic bullets. For example, spraying an enemy down with Lancer bullets in the head. Explosive weapons when fired at critical spots don’t do any extra damage or bleed. And at level 10 its only a 25% buff. Similar to Marksman as @CommanderCH2863 said.

Seems a bit weird the crit perk doesn’t guve a damage bonus to landing one with an explosive as I’m fairly certain the Boomshot does extra damage when fired at a head, and the Dropshot definitely does. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed a GL crit though.

On a non-boss enemy, I believe the critical damage does do more damage. But on bosses, no difference in my testing atleast.