Marksman Cards - Icy Precision

I just got my level 16 Marksman and got the Icy Precision card. Unfortunately , it appears to not work if I have my Explosive Headshot card also equipped. I just played a round of Frenzy with the card equipped and did not observe any freezing damage or effects. Is this correct ,and if so which card do you prefer? Personally I like Explosive Headshot as you can inflict heavy damage via splash damage and rack up multi kills. Brings back memories of Gears 4 playing as a Sniper. Is Icy Precision a better card?

The card works, but you need consecutive critical hits on the same enemy in fairly quick succession. The ice effects don’t last very long until they accumulate up to 100% (where it fully freezes the enemy) and even when maxed out you need 3 hits to freeze an enemy. It only really works with the EMBAR and Markza (as the Longshot requires a reload per shot).

In terms of which is preferable, Icy Precision is great against heavy enemies who have large pools of health, bosses and mini-bosses as you can quickly freeze a Matriarch, Stump, Kestrel etc. That said Explosive Critical Hit is better in my opinion. as it can wipe out small groups. With the daily challenges, there are some circumstances where Explosive Critical Hit wouldn’t be viable (e.g.: Reduced Explosive Damage) in which case Icy Precision isn’t a bad alternative.


Icy Precision is just a fun card to use. It makes Marksman fun. It’s not his best card, but I’ll swap his stronger cards for it just to nerf myself because I find Marksman to actually be a pretty dang overpowered class.

It feels like X-ray amplifies the freeze because I’ve frozen enemies in one hit or two through the wall, so it makes it viable to use the Markza in X-ray. Icy Precision also turns Marksman into more of a boss killer.

I didn’t mean to reply to Pepper lol.


This makes me sad. :frowning:


I think icy precision mostly makes the markza more useful but i never am able to freeze enemies with the longshot. i also use the markza to freeze bosses like the snatcher or the matriarch if no one else freezes them


But really, Icy Precision just opens up a new playstyle. Freeze Scions with the Markza and then one shot them with the Longshot. Or if you freeze a boss before a Demo drops the bombs, his bombs turn into nukes (since frozen enemies receive much more damage, something like 3x the damage??).

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The card is garbage. Firsts of all, it takes 8 consecutive active headshots to freeze at level 1; you have to get it to 5 before you even have a practical chance to freeze anything. Even at level 6 it’s still 3 headshots. And you have to make those headshots one after the other, because partially frozen enemies defrost very quickly. It’s only possible with the Markza. Trying to do it with the Longshot will just kill anything before you can freeze it. Which brings me to the final point: if you just build your Marksman for damage, you’ll kill anything short of bosses before you can freeze them. So what’s the point?

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Imo it would be amazing if there were a hidden synergy between Icy Precision and Explosive Headshots where the aoe slowed/froze enemies.

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No, Icy Precision is garbage, Is useless on every situation, It can’t help during X-Rays and also is useless against Swarmak or any boss…

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It’s a good point. Leveling up the card to Level 6 costs a ■■■■ ton of coin. I won’t even have it to Level 4 or 5 or quite some time so it feels kind of useless right now. I did notice some minor freezing damage when I was using the Markza. The enemies start to turn ever so slightly light blue in color but they weren’t close to freezing or really even slowing down much. I’d rather just max out my Longshot for damage than work on leveling this card up. Kind of disappointing I have to say. I was looking forward to unlocking this card and now I’m kind of like, “meh”.

That’s simply because you don’t know how to use it PROPERLY. :wink:


And you’re a r3t@rd that you didn’t even see the links I posted in the comment.

This dude didn’t understand the sarcasm. The videos posted above proves icy precision isn’t garbage, but this braindead didn’t know.
Too many are delicate… pfff

And you are such a prig, that you think others should watch two 30-minute-long videos to fully understand what you mean? :wink:


Not exactly related to the OP, but has anyone here experienced issues regarding Longshot Handling NOT giving you the active reloaded shot every critical kill you get at Level 6? I’ve got a friend whose got maxed cards and is not getting the active reloaded Sniper bullet every headshot he gets. Anyone know why this may be occurring?

He’s tried putting the Longshot Handling card in several different card slots but no luck.

Claiming Icy Precision is actually useless is not factually true either. Sure, some may argue that you don’t strictly NEED it, but then I don’t need the ultra high damage Longshot only build that is designed to be a wave wiper through the ult either, instead using Icy Precision to freeze a heavy enemy before getting an active on the Longshot and taking its head clean off regardless of wave, while I only use Ambush and Exploit. Bonus being that you can also freeze bosses instead of being half useless against them while making the Markza kill a Guardian in a few shots through X-Ray because of the freezing, if you don’t get a good shot at it with the Longshot.

And using the Swarmak as a basis to claim that the skill is useless is quite honestly just not a good base for that claim, because it is one of two bosses(the other being the Kestrel) that cannot get completely frozen to the point of not moving and being unable to attack when it is frozen. The damage multiplier still applies nonetheless.

Maybe people should just stop having issues with others preferring different things when they work just as well. Individual playstyles are a thing. I’m not making that point for something like a Claw Blademaster or knockoff Infiltrator Gnasher build for the class, which are really just dumb to do unless you really cannot handle melee CQC, but I’ve played Marksman quite a bit with the aforementioned build using Icy Precision and can claim that it still works very well even though people claim that the skill is horrible.


It works, but really only if y our are good with the markza.
With the longshot it will reset before you can shoot again.

In fact, Icy Precision could be used to “insta-kill” a Swarmak, if you pop its blisters with active Markza shots during X-ray through a wall.
However, since Infiltrator can no longer insta-kill a Swarmak by popping 1 blister out of cloak, Marksman probably can’t either.

If you’re using the Thor build you don’t have room for Icy Precision. The card is really solid when the “Auto Active Reload” modifier appears in Daily Challenge though.

I swap out Handling and Crit Parade for Icy and explosive when that daily challenge pops up.

Doing it in X-Ray was not necessary, albeit easier. I have definitely killed Swarmaks with Icy Precision that way before, without the ult being active.

But they fixed this at the same time as they stealth patched the cloak damage bonus being applied to destroying a blister.

Convenient excuse to swap the build because when the free actives modifier is around you also have Ultra Slow Recharge and Ultra Power drain around then, so wouldn’t get to use the ult more than once or twice per match anyway.

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Well that’s what I thought too. I mean their original post wasn’t exactly brimming with sarcasm. And he wouldn’t have been the first to proclaim the card “garbage” in this thread either (unless that person was also being sarcastic!)