Marksman (A.K.A the Fahz)

I missed about 3 operations so coming back into this new wave of be your own character and class is nice. I was building my marksman class before I went on hiatus and in coming back; it’s nice. However, there is one small gripe I have, In X-ray mode, you have to shoot through a wall in order to bypass enemy defenses. Through a wall you can one shot Grenadiers with their helmets on, without the wall, there helmet flies off. Through a wall you can shoot through a Sentinel shield and potentially one shot it, but without that wall, it’s shield eats it up. I don’t like that one bit. I thought the shooting through walls was a benefit, not a requirement. Coalition, if you don’t mind…could you remove the need to shoot through a wall?

It’s even weirder when you consider that his new passive ability is “penetrating shots”.


What’s even funnier is all the times that won’t matter. I was under the impression sniper rounds pierced as a matter of course. No you are telling me, if I headshot kill an enemy, I get the added benefit of potentially hitting something behind that guy? I can count on my hand the amount of times I lucked out and landed a double head shot kill.

In theory you don’t even have to get a kill. How they worded it every precision weapon should get the Embar-penetration-effect (which for some reason also only shoots off helmets instead of killing them).

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Yeah that’s not exactly what he’s talking about, as the logic for bullet penetration isn’t consistent, that’s the point he’s making. Not dumming down the marksmanship you’d actually need to pull off shots.

Agreed OP. Seems silly IMO.

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According to the UI…but it’s never worked for me. At all. I want my pilfer back.

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I’ve noticed the “effect” once when I shot 2 Drones almost right next to each other. The first Drone only flinched despite getting a bullet in the head and the Drone behind him took some damage.

It seems to work in X-Ray, but you rarely get the chance to take advantage of it.

Definitely want the Pilfer back.

Which it already did before they even added that passive ability to the class… so I really haven’t seen any difference to Marksman gameplay because outside of X-Ray the EMBAR(and Torque Bow in headshots) are the only weapons to have the potential to go through/hit several enemies.

It did? Huh, never noticed it with how rare it is.

I’ve had the occasional double headshot(or hit) in X-Ray even with the Longshot, so it definitely was happening before they added this passive to the class. But it was rare to the point of hardly mattering. Passive deffo doesn’t work right now though.

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Would be so nice if Fahz could actually oneshot Grenadiers. Speaking of buggy PvE-things, did they adjust Lizs Scorcher yet?

Given the complaint thread about it I saw yesterday, I’m 99% certain it still uselessly shoots flames at the ground.

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