Maria weapon set... more like starter set

Really? We couldn’t get an entire weapon skin set with Cupid tag? Come on TC!! This is just sad and cheap on so many levels… this far out after release.

You said you were listening, you said you’d hook us up more. The skins aren’t even that good, but still… for once, is it too much to ask that we get a complete set from an event?

This event was actually fun, yet this bs just annoys me. So quick to drop chrome steel kantus, but can’t get us an entire skin set, right? At the very least, what about the torque bow Cupid skin? What about a unique character skin? Like, if you equip the blood imago and play the event, the scary heart head matches perfectly on that character model. Why couldn’t that be a unique reward on top of this stuff as well?

I just don’t get why weapon skin sets are still costing over $20 and characters are $10 in esports. You say it goes right to esport support, but I doubt it. Not only do your sponsors pay for the events and the large pots the teams win, but it’s even more evident that the “all proceeds go to esports so they gotta be expensive” line is bs. I never bought iron, yet the iron I got from both operations and from the special edition gave me enough that I was able to freely buy 1 (could’ve bought another and a blue skin) esport skin with YOUR iron. You mean to tell me that anyone who did what I did and saved iron, if they buy an esports skin, you sent $10 in to the esport fund? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT!! The fact that esports stuff is purchasable with iron proves you’re lying about the proceeds going to support the teams.

The esport thing is off topic, but I brought it up because not only do you still have things way too overpriced, you refuse to hook us up with full skin sets, you refuse to sell sets at reasonable prices and you’re clearly BS’ing your loyal supporters who actually believe their “iron” somehow goes towards the esports scene.

Do us a favor… lower your prices. Make any blue character skin $2.50 instead of $5 (500 iron) if it’s gotta be a sub skin for a character and sell FULL SETS at reduced prices so it’ll inspire us to buy more, especially now since all your guys are jumping ship before the game completely sinks. TC, you and I both know the esport line is bs, so at the very least, lower those prices by half. Chrome steel is terrible looking in its current form (it’s not chrome AT ALL), it’s too expensive and we know you don’t pay esports every time when someone uses free iron to buy esports stuff.

Long rant/tangent over…

TL;DR - stop being cheap and start giving us FULLweapon sets when we complete stuff, like Cupid torque bow tag. Lower your prices on ALL skins. Character models don’t need to be more than 250 iron and your “legendary” skins don’t need to be more than 500 iron (unless each operation plans to give out 1500-2000 iron). We know you don’t shell out real money for esports when we buy a skin with iron we acquired from operations and the free stuff included with the game, so why lie and make it so,expensive? Cut it out! We know the sponsors pay for the events and the money prizes, so stop acting like it’s the community paying via iron.

Give it 2 weeks and they will be sold in the store. Another way to make a couple bucks lol. Pretty sad how they treat their fans


Everything TC does is get money from the player base. We hated loot boxes in Gears so they got rid of it and then replaced it with “content locked behind a paywall”.

They created a new game currency that costs money and what you can earn of it during an OP isn’t enough to buy anything in their Store unless it’s a Mark or Bloodspray. They release a small amount of skins to be earned, then release a ton in their Store you can buy, but the catch is that you rarely get them all, its only a 5 skin pack, and then later they release the rest as another skin pack.

They made XP requirements high once you get past the first couple of re-ups, basically requiring you to buy their XP boost if you want to level up faster, then they went and nerfed the XP you get in 2 of the modes to try and increase the demand for their “boost” as you now gain XP even slower.

And of course they push all the eSports crap on the community at even higher prices while saying “it benefits these eSports teams”. It’s all BS.

I remember back on 360 when gamers went crazy over Elder Scrolls releasing armor packs for the horse in the game at $2 a pop, they were just skins and didn’t actually do anything. And now we have companies like TC, EA, Activision, and Rockstar selling in game currency to buy in game items or single character skins at $10+ a pop, and it’s just the new normal.

TC released a broken game, have yet to fix most of the major problems that the player base as voiced concerns about repeatedly, but yet they can keep churning out a new $10 skin that looks no different from the base skins, except it has a blue highlight on it (looking at you Elite Onyx Guards).

Well, in Gow4 all we got was cupids stupid pink torque bow. So I’d say this reward is better. However, the torque tag mode in Gow4 was more fun.

Sadly didn’t even go on to that (FFA)event because of the servers.Got to admit they certainly did a excellent job on that lancer,Hey I wont mind if they could do a set,as its unusual for me to buy a full set/part set over so many weeks,I’d buy em.