Marcus - Rambo III - Curious Finding-

Hi I’ve just realized that there are a lot of similarities towards GOW 3 and Rambo III

GOW 3:



As you can see the Raven Chopper its on the same left side on both posters, on both of them the central figure stands above all else. Seems to me that GOW 3 poster designers drew inspiration from RAMBO III

I do find it very sad that TC keeps telling us that Marcus its a Hero and treating as such… I do believe that as Rambo, Marcus its a Man of War, a Bad Asss hardened soldier ready to kill the enemies to settle world problems period.

I really hope they stopped this hero propaganda garbage in all fairness , since its an insult towards real warriors.

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Obligatory Golden Axe Rambo screams comment.

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jajajajaja I just look for that on youtube… I didn’t know such thing existed jajajaja LOL

There are loads of video game covers that steal from film.

Just a few here

Thunderblade / Blue Thunder is another well known one.

And lots of SFX. The Wilhelm Scream obviously!

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It’s possible, but I think it’s more coincidence.

“Hero” and “Villains” are TC’s way to just differentiate character skins. I don’t agree with it as I’ll always consider the evil humans to be classified as villains and not the Queen trying to protect her own. But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, Marcus knows he is not a hero. He doesn’t ask for the recognition either. He’s a tough soldier who does what he has to do for what and who he cares about wether it breaks the rules or not.

It’s what makes him a legend.


I’m convinced that if they put popular war characters in the 80s, like Rambo, Commando or even Bruce Willis from Die Hard, the popularity of this game would go to heaven… at least for veteran players.

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In Escape the venom runs away from Chuck Norris!

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Correct my good friend… Best explanation of the core of what makes Marcus the way he is.

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