Marcus playable in campaign

I don’t know about you but it would be great to be able to choose any character in the campaign,with all the heroes (and villains) in the game,we can play with Marcus and Anya together or Raam and Skorge. What you guys think about this?


How would that work? Would Kait, JD, and Del’s voices come out of whoever you’re playing as? Kinda like the playable Swarm mutator.

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I’m done with the campaign. They should focus on reviving Escape.


U right,escape is a great mode…maybe with the new dlc can search different way to evolve this mode…but i really like the idea to use any character in campaign :grin: need more mutator

I read something about more mutators coming with the next title update and I thought they’d be like the campaign ones or better yet the ones from Gears 3 (Super Reload, Instagib Melee, Friendly Fire, Flower Gore, etc.).
Although, now that I’ve played the updated game it looks like the mutators they were referring to are the difficulty level ones that can be applied to the daily events and not things you can toggle for custom play. :slightly_frowning_face: