Marcus/Living Legend

On paper I thought his Ultimate sounded OP but I’ve been trying to play him and am frustrated with it. Lancer headshots don’t seem to do a hell of a lot of damage and I’m not landing them reliably.

I don’t have the associated stim card - sounds a lot better when you’re gaining stim over time.

Anyone have insight or tips?


Haven’t tried his stim card yet, but honestly Marcus and Fahz seem to fall behind the others it feels like, especially on harder difficulties. I feel like those 2 characters need a little rebalancing.


The stim card is bugged unfortunately. Most of the time it will not give you stim. It works about 25% of the time for me.


He was op before the recent update until they patched an exploit in the game unfortunately.

depending on what level your playing on will make a big difference.

Also having an active and leveling up his assault riffle perk will help with it. And as an added bonus use the claw as it is a beast with that perk

I dont know the name off the top of my head but Marcus also has a card that when firing a riffle will extend the use of his ultimate.


Rifle feedback is the card you’re looking for.
The stim card does nothing at the moment and his LL does seem inconsistent with normal weapons. I do feel the consistency with trishots though but that is really eh. Def broken though.

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My Marcus is at Level 16. All other non-DLC characters are at Level 14~18. Writing this, I think this comment has become a giant wall of text but oh well.

Unfortunately, Marcus doesn’t have a lot of options available for his Skill Card strategy; unlike Kait and JD, he doesn’t have access to Bleed Cards which are absolutely vital on highest difficulties. And his focus, which is the Lancer, isn’t a very remarkable weapon to begin with; damage-per-shot is 82 (Snub is 150), rate-of-fire is only fair, and it can only rely on Weapon Locker and Ammo Pickups for resupply. More importantly, the Lancer has trouble when Execution Rules are on and enemies who can stay on DBNO are present, such as Drones, Grenadiers, Snipers and et cetera.
He heavily relies on Living Legend (or LL) to increase his damage output to x2, but the problem is that the base duration isn’t even long enough to exploit properly.

Thus, the very first goal of every new Marcus player is getting Rifle Feedback as soon as possible, as it significantly increases the potential duration of LL. With it, you can even recover your gauge from almost-zero to full. Note that the damage you deal determines the amount of Ult recovery. You will notice the (lack of) presence of Rifle Feedback, and this is what lets Marcus briefly touch the output of other Bleed dealers and Tri-Shots.

Then, upgrading your Extended Rifle Mag is next priority. Since it expands magazine-size by 100%, Lancer gets 60 rounds, Enforcer now has 80 bullets, and Hammerburst can hold 108 shots. Marcus can reload less often and prolong his LL much more longer.

After securing those two, you may be interested in Custom Lancer and Last Ditch for more damage.
Custom Lancer provides an unconditional damage bonus for your starting Lancer, and the Lancer has acceptable damage-falloff that retains its damage-profile to some degree, so it can consistently sustain the LL duration. So I always recommend getting Custom Lancer.
Last Ditch offers an unbelievable damage-bonus that also applies to other Weapons and Heavy Weapons. It is a very tempting and good option, but it becomes more difficult to use on higher difficulties and later waves with enemy damage maximized; from a melee attack from Juvie to a missile from DR-1 Devastator, almost everything downs you with just a hit. Drones and Elite Drones (Hammerbursts and Claws) down you before you can even react too. So I stopped using Last Ditch eventually, but that never means it is a bad Card.

This is my personal preference, but I enjoy using the Brutal Efficiency as it is helpful in early waves where your defenses are not up yet and melee enemies such as Rejects swarm you. It also recovers considerable amount of Ult so I really like it. But since melee-combat become foolhardy in later waves, I totally understand if you do not take it; Damage Feedback upgrade Lv7 (27% conversion) entirely replaces Brutal Efficiency in this regard.

Usually most Marcus players pick Rifle Feedback, Extended Rifle Mag, Custom Lancer, Last Ditch so there is an empty slot for your liking.
Unfortunately Band of Brothers is bugged and only provide Stim whenever it feels like it. I still take it to promote teamwork, but its inconsistency is not worth the slot for the moment. This is why Defensive Stim is also useless right now.
So you can either take Dug In for some survivability, Lancer Stock for more consistent damage-output, or Friendlier Fire if you want to get more flexibility when trying to cooperate with strangers. I take Friendlier Fire since I view Marcus as an offensive support, rather than a full-blown dealer.

While in-game, you will want to upgrade Damage Feedback and Assault Rifle to Level 7 since Marcus’s entire tactic revolves around LL and rifles (mostly Lancer). I don’t really recommend going beyond Level 8 since the bonuses are tremendously diminished, only giving +1% for each Level.

In wave 1~10, I don’t use Lancer ammo at all, Instead I ditch the Gnasher and take Enforcer or Hammerburst so I can use those for LL, and heavily exploit the mighty Chainsaw when cooldown is on. This is because Kait and JD are the best candidates for getting the two Ammo Pickups; their Gnasher and Lancer GL are uncommon and thus can’t rely on the enemy loot for restocking. Marcus’s Lancer suffers the same problem but it does have the infinite Chainsaw that can also outright remove annoying Rejects. Though, you will have to use wallbouncing to avoid melee-attacks on higher difficulties. Once your team gets enough Weapon Lockers, consider getting a second Lancer, stow it, and rotate them after every Wave, Then you can start using your Lancer bullets extensively.

As the waves go further and enemies start doing more damage, you will want to gain Ult charges quickly by doing damage with Heavy Weapons (especially the Tri-Shot), and return to Lancer when LL is ready so you can maintain LL for you and your teammates.

A competitive team will have Del, Jack, Kait and JD. If you become their 5th player, try to find a large cover that can fit 3 people, and also provides an unobstructed view of the field. Consider sticking with Del, as Kait and JD don’t benefit a lot from headshots and will try to exploit Bleed with shotguns and Lancer GLs instead. But Del often uses Tri-Shots when repairs aren’t too demanding.


A good analysis. I do like Dug In a bit more for the damage negate so that if I’m taking some damage I can just snap to cover for the recovery. I find that using Friendlier Fire is a bit bugged and I’ve seen the others that snap beside me to use LL make the fire inconsistent. LL with RF works decent and I almost had it going for a long while but lancer fire rate does make it a bit hard to keep at times. I find that RF works great for bosses that tank a lot of shots so that it feeds the ult for your teammates.
Having a JD combined with a Marcus makes it great with the Daddy’s Boy perk since there is reduced damage and it makes getting rocket shots easier without being downed as often.


All good points! Yes, I find the Lancer’s fire-rate just a little bit lacking as well and it naturally requires great amount of damage bonuses to feed LL reliably. The best 5th card for Marcus might be Dug in for overall increase in survivability, but I still prefer Friendlier Fire (even though it’s a bit weird at times) so I can spend less time chasing my teammates and give them Stim more comfortably.

I was also considering mentioning JD’s specific Skill Cards as well. Most JDs run Razor Hail, Custom Lancer GL, Launcher Capacity and the last two are probably Custom Boomshot, Officer’s Prerogative or Launcher Mastery. The latter three aren’t important so JD could take Good Kill for Marcus so they can alleviate the ammo issue, and Daddy’s Boy for himself.
But the problem is that the setup demands good plan-sharing and coordination which is a rare quality in PUG matches. I don’t know where you live, but I live in Asia where most players are Chinese and Japanese who don’t speak English well so I sort of gave up on sharing the plan. Though US/EU lobbies may be different compared to ours.

I’m in the US and coordinating is pretty good when I can get a team together. My Marcus is a 15 at the moment, he’s my highest character followed by JD, then Kait, then some of the extra characters. Right now this whole class based character locking has got a lot of people mad, myself included, because I really hate having classes locked to characters but according to the latest live stream it’s not going to be taken off which is a huge mistake IMO.


use a claw not the lancer…

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Is the claw classified as an AR or receive the rifle boosts ? I thought it was a light machine gun thereby bypassing all of the benefits.

yes , i think claw is marcus’s best weapon.

especially, use claw with rifle feedback.

claw + rifle feedback more restore Living Legend time than lancer.


I don’t see how using the Heavy weapon would gain charges back gaster. Am I missing something?

Feedback Boost upgrade provides Ult charge based on how much damage you deal for every shot. This applies to all Weapons and Heavy Weapons, so you can recharge your Ult quite quickly with RL-4 Salvos and especially Tri-Shots.

Feedback Boost Lv7 provides 27% conversion, so when Tri-Shot does 900 headshot damage you will receive 243 Ult charge as a result. This is a boon for Marcus and allows him to ready his Ult after a single Wave.

I agree that Claw is much better than the Lancer when it comes to feeding his LL. You could probably take Last Ditch and forgo Custom Lancer, so you could make a slot for your prefered Skill Card. I only mentioned the Lancer because it is a starting weapon which can always be a part of your strategy.

Best thing for Marcus is actually to use a mulcher.

Pop living Legend with a locker of mulchers next to you. When ll has 15% remaining, drop the mulcher and blind fire your lancer to regain ll charge with rifle feedback. Pickup mulcher again. Etc…

You can keep ll up the entire round with it and deal very high damage.

Save the last enemy, let ll run out and have him hit you with Jack healing so it’s up have round again.

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Naw, claw us still best. On an open map I can run LL the entire wave with the claw. With a couple team mates next to me using it as well. Then just stop when you get to the last few enemies.

Another tip to make his ultimate work better is to not aim at all. Blind fire over cover and your gun auto aims for you.