Marcus improvements

So far I’m happy with the improvements in op4 we finally got dom and 3 out of 4 characters have thier classic skins. I’ve noticed while playing classic marcus that there is some wired bending of the armour, by his knees the armor bends while crouching but is not present on Dom. The chest armour also bends around his shoulders by the lights while preforming multiple actions and last from what I noticed around his neck\head in the back it looks like his head is pushed far forward making the hair look stretched out.

I also think it would be great to add back some quotes from older games to get more variety,

“It’s time to tear sh* t up” gears 4 active reload
“Arrgg… come on marcus arg… you can make it” gears 1 DBNO crawling
“I’m gonna go through you like sh* t through a wretch” in the game, when you get a buzzkill kill but it would be sweet if this was also added to the chainsaw kill quotes
“Bullets bullets bullets” gears 3 upgrading a sentry I think but it would be nice for ammo pick up seeing as Gary has this quote

These are just some nice quotes I could think of, TC has done great with the dialogue for the mp but it could always be better but if you guys can think of any thing else to add for marcus or other characters just type em out.

Edit: images of gears 4 vs 5

PS. add back the taking fire and dealing a lot of damaged quotes back into the game like gears 2 and 3 along with the taunt that you would do in the campaigns for gears 1 2 and 3 but this would probably only work in horde. Also remove the quote cool down for things like the actives it’s kinda lame that only one player on the team get to talk and then you wait like 3 secs to activate another quote.

PSS. Make benjamin carmine like anthony I’m sad he lost that big pouch lol.

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I gree with all the voice line suggestions except for the damage ones. That gave me away back in Gears 3.

Also disagree with Ben’s armor. Gives him that little bit of extra difference between him and Anthony. Plus, Ben’s armor is more worn from combat. Ben even has an extra arm pouch.

I think in gears 2 the damage quotes only worked for your team so no enemies could hear.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I feel like Ben and Anthony were differentiated plenty between their individual voice lines and the helmets respectively. I feel as though Ben and Anthony were at their best before TC took over.

They were at their best before TC took over? You mean how Anthony and Ben always shared voice lines in Gears 1-2? And how Anthony shared voice lines with Clayton in Gears 3? I’m sorry, but with the exception of Gears 1 Anthony, they were at their absolute worst.

Touche with the Gears 3 Anthony Clay voice mix. But come on man that new Anthony helmet with the leather strap is horrible compared to his original

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It’s the helmet everyone’s been clamoring for. Before the update, a lot of people REALLY wanted his helmet changed, and this is what we got.

It is the helmet but tbh it looked better in gears 1-3 imo. I just think the only difference between Benjamin and Anthony should be the helmet because in gears 5 the quotes differentiate them.

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Jimmeeehhhhh look at the color detail and the helmet of the original. You can also see the difference in the clothes under the armor.

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I know that it looks different from the classic. But they’re slight changes meant to make Benjamin his own character this time around. If you’re trying to tell me that there are differences between his and Anthony’s armor based off the Gears 3 portraits, their armor is exactly the same in-game.

I really like how every character who uses COG armor has a change to make them unique. In Gears 4, the E-Day Gear has the same armor to Ben, down to the last pouch, but his armor is extremely dirty and worn compared to Ben, who had clean armor. Classic Baird’s armor is the same as Anthony’s but his is darker. It also looks clean not because it’s new, but it looks like Baird maintains his armor. Kim’s armor looks pretty different, but still captures that COG armor look.

Even Gears 5 tells a story. Ben’s armor is slightly more worn because he lasted longer in battle compared to Anthony. Ben lived through two acts, dying at the end of Act 2, but Anthony died early in Act 1.

Marcus said “bullets, bullets, bullets.” in Gears 2 when picking up ammo.

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