Marcus Horde Skill Explained

Hi all,

i just wanted a bit of clarification when it comes to Marcus’s horde skill ‘Custom Lancer’ it says it increases effects on ‘The Lancer’ what does that mean exactly? Does this effect only work on the Mark III Lancer? Or does this skill work on all Lancers - Retro, GL and Mk3

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Its mainly a damage card i believe…you can take it up to 50% level 5…it works same for retro …jd has a similar/same card on his class…also cog gear aswell.

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The custom lancer card now only works with the MK3 lancer. Since the release of the cog solider( who has the same card) Marcus no longer gets this from any other lancer.

However the cog soldier does get the bonus from all 3 lancer variants.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I hope they make cards clearer in the future.

To clarify you’re saying Marcus’s card used to apply the % bonus to all lancer variants but now does not - but the same card on the Gear applies the % bonus to all variants?

I haven’t unlocked the Gear so I don’t know if this is a glitch or if it’s described in the language of each card.

Hey Dubious,

Yes this is exactly correct.