Marcus fenix medal question

Just wondered if with the Marcus hero medal where u have to get so many headshots, do you have to get the headshots while using his ultimate or can you do it by like picking up a longshot, embar or mark a and popping heads

Any way you want it. Multiplayer too.

Anything counts, use a trishot as it is easier…


I did it in many Custom Beginner Horde games without Bots. Use the Pistol for the first 2 waves for head shots. After the first 2 waves you should have 2K power for the Retro Lancer. Great for quick head shots. I just kept grinding until it either took too long to get head shots or it got too hard and time consuming. Then I would just restart again from wave 1. That is if you just want to grind it out and not have fun. Now it would probably be too late to just do it by playing regular Horde games with a real team.

Thanks guys, I figured it out now anyways, don’t think I’m gonna get the medal now anyway, not long now to operation 2, I don’t really feel like spending the next few hours tryin, I need 300 odd as I never really use Marcus, thanks again though