Marcus, Baird and Cole should have an act completely dedicated to them in Gears 5

And the act should climax with their HEROIC DEATHS. They should also reminisce about Dom during the act, during the spaces where there are no enemies or shooting. Lastly, they should be overmatched by Swarm forces similar to the original Mad World trailer, we as the player can kill as many Swarm as we can but it won’t matter because they’ll just keep coming and the characters die.

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No, just an awful idea


I was completely with you until they ALL died! I expect a main character heroic death scene in Gears 5 but not all three. I have stated before that my guess is Baird. I would however love to play a mission like you are talking about with the classic Delta Squad members!

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I would be completely down for this. Would love to see the whole squad go out in a blaze of glory… an honorable death! I would like to see this happen because of Kait and pit her and JD against each other.

I agree with your first three sentences. Tbh they probably planned everything out by now, but if it’s any consolation your idea is good too.

In that case, Marcus should just Nuke the planet.

End of.

No more Swarm.

No more RNG :+1:

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So the fastest way to finish this fight would be to die?

I think we can include Samantha in the Squad too, even if they seem a little older now.
I mean, Bernie was kinda old and still fighting at Anvil Gate with Hoffman.
Sam could die, and Baird might show his emotional, soft side which in turn could turn to vengeance.

I’d prefer Kait dying over any other character, even Oscar.


Yes…100% agree with you…thus ends the whole she will be the next queen myrah

I don’t know, I prefer all old characters over the new ones (JD, Kait, etc)… but I think that we should continue with the Fenix legacy with JD. Just my opinion. Not everything about Kait please.

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If they die so does Gears

I don’t see that to be the case. It will allow for more stories to be told from other characters. Gears is just about delta squad, it’s about the locust, the swarm, Hoffman, delta, outsiders, jinn, and UIR. It’s a game based off of strife and survival on sera. And like anyone trying to survive, you live as long as you can until you die!

I would honestly love to see the horde win in the end and bring Myraah dream to realization!

It wouldn’t make sense to keep Cole and Baird around if Marcus dies, not saying they add nothing to the story but Delta Squad had a unity and it’s only fair the three pass the torch to the new characters in a honorable way. Delta Squad was one character in essence, a part of that character died when Dom died. They should fight together until they can’t anymore.

I agree Baird and Cole should never die Gears 6 should end with Marcus waking up back on Azura next to Anya telling her about a crazy dream he had about having a Son and everyone being old

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I’m anticipating something will happen to Kait and Del and you will have to rescue them with JD/Marcus. Tbh, I don’t see an appearance from Baird or Cole on the cards, but that’s just my opinion!