Maps need to come before December or people will leave!

Come on December is to long! I wish TC would explain there logic behind this. I’m already craving new maps and maps like Mansion and river.


Thats because the game has what 7 maps? its a horrible rotation with barely any power weapons on the map. plus the high ground advantage for lancer play is just unreal compared to previous games. these maps are horribly balanced and its not me being a whine ■■■ or a complaining ■■■■■■■■■. its because these maps suck,


“Will leave”? People are already gone. Big titles are dropping soon and this game will be dead. From what I heard, it’s not even 7 maps. Friend told me it’s more like 3-4 that always show up. And none are really good.


I’m leaving because VS is unbalanced with hit detection that is wrong 9/10 times

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So many tears…

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Horde players gotta be frustrated. spending hours on end on the same maps…half of them are retreads from ■■■■■■■ gears 4. very lazy, honestly.


Don’t know what they were thinking with the launch map count. Major goof. People want variety. At least add in 3 of the 5 gears 4 rehash maps to the rotation. Or all of them. Sheesh.

We just keep throwing our money into this franchise just for TC to continuously and blatantly laugh in our faces regarding these issues. What a crock. GG

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mentioned during the dev stream. if people ask for it they will add the five Gears 4 maps to rotation

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Dont think maps can save gears5 failure

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The maps are boring and uninspiring. They are terribly unbalanced and cater towards camping and lancering. If we had quality maps like gears 2 or 3 it would have definitely been better

Just sucks we really have to wait until December to get maps. I think this was a huge mistake on there part.

If we had maps with the quality like Jacinto, avalanche, mansion checkout etc I personally wouldn’t mind the wait. But that kind of all goes down the drain when they release maps like the ones we have now.

Ya i would kill for mansion, jacinto, azura maps plus some new ones. I really think they should have the operations still every 3 months but new maps atleast every 2 months.