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With how big Gears 5 Campaign is , why are we playing maps from Gears 4. They could have made so many different maps from the campaign. If I wanted to play on Reclaim, lift, Foundation, or Forge I would put in Gears 4.

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It’s crazy how a new game came out with mediocre maps that people didnt like - like in modern warfare, the new cod - but they had maps from the previous game for private matches then they brought them to pvp rotation

how weird is that?

many of us dont like the new lancer minded maps, stalemantes of hell like operation locker in battlefield 4, and we are supposed to be happy with gears 4 maps…

also, dont forget there is something to input here…


Escalation…does anyone even play this mode?..i play horde mainly…but i did enjoy it on 4 @jmelia123…i liked the pace and if the team worked as a team…it was fun…did try it on 5…but jesus much like horde now…wtf did they do?..:roll_eyes:

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Node has admitted they over complicated it.


Much like horde…all for a minuscule esports group…they have learned nothing or listened to the playerbase m8🤔

Are you referring to how/why they added the Gears4 maps that were available in private to the MP pool?

If so, it’s simple.

There were a ton of threads near launch asking them to do just that due to the lack of launch maps in the pool. They made a poll on Twitter asking people if they wanted them to do so. People mostly voted yes. Then another poll asking which should come first. Foundation won. Then another one asking us if we’re sure if it’s what we want, and Yes won. So they added it, along with the others shortly afterwards.


Perhaps the peeps voting/ asking for old maps from any previous game…is a sad reflection on what was released at launch on 5…imo.

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Yes, the lack of maps was the reason why many, including myself, asked TC to add the Gears4 maps that were already in the game via private mode to the MP pool.

Terrible decision on their end to release the game with only 6-7 maps to begin with.

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No lie… I play pvp most nights and I’m yet to even see lift come up a map to vote for.

There are soo many times in the campaign where I said "why don’t that make a map out of this bit or that bit. Honestly, TC are clearly incapable. They can’t even get the ranking system right… Even mobile games manage this.

Its not just the lack of maps at launch…its the quality…it seems to me neither the pve or pvp players dont like many if any…a decent developer would sit up and listen…im all for throwing in some old maps (decent one’s)…but we’ve just played 4s maps…for the past 3 yrs…now it seems we’re going to do the same again…as the new maps dont seem to be liked by horde or verses players.:neutral_face:

Not sure if that was the thing to do. I never saw that because I don’t Twitter. I guess I need to find another game to play

I agree that TC needs to learn to make such polls available throughout all platforms, including the forums, but they were discussed/mentioned extensively in the forums while the polls were opened.

No i was just saying it in general.

The maps were included to make sure esports were safe for esca play.

i was talking in general that ive never seen a a new game come out with terrible maps and then the devs have a "secret hype weapon"which are maps from the previous game.

I know the whole deal of the maps and why and how.

It’s just terrible and lots of people gave up on the game due to that.

From what i remember, people didnt want to play on old maps as a principle but they said "screw it’ due to the poor quantity and quality of maps offered in gears 5.

it’s like poop on the wall being removed with urine