Maps: FALLOUT & OLD TOWN return?(Gears 4 editions)

I wanna know everyones opinions on a potential return of these great looking maps.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know the overall opinions of how people felt about them gameplay wise…


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(I couldn’t find a picture of the Gears 4 birds-eye view of old town, sorry I suck at knowing things :joy::man_shrugging:)

I loved these maps especially FALLOUT and the UIR lore detail put into them and OLD TOWN with its UIR settlement type spin on the original old town from Gears 3 and would love to see them return…

… with your questions and opinions :v:


Fallout is good and underrated at the same time.


Fallout can go rot and die in a fire as far as I’m concerned - the map is horrible for Horde not because it’s got bad setup locations but due to its absurd size. Enemies took very long to get from one end of the map to the other if they even got anywhere near your base at all before they were wiped off the face of Sera by a Sniper. Even as that class it was one hell of a bore to play.

Old Town, mixed feelings. Didn’t get to play it a lot in Gears 4 Horde but do we really need even more remakes that will be copy and paste ports instead of new stuff?


I want fallout back. Forgot all about it actually. It was one of my weakest maps performance wise and I want another crack at it. I don’t mind Gears 4 maps if they are quicker to transport over as mid season content. TC should do it just to do it because that is what we are lacking most maps.

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Fallout is kinda the same setup as gridlock, old town is good but been played 1000s times.

Both gd maps tho.


I’ll take anything atm. Op5 is to far away for maps. We need something for the start of regular season. TC needs to just import anything they can from 4.


They 1st need to fix quick play map rotation.


I’m fine with both of the maps. I forgot that fallout map existed tbh


I never noticed that, how’d it play on versus? I really can’t remember…

I think maybe a solution for this could be similiar to what they did for the map FORGE, look at the difference between the original FORGE from Gears 4 and compare it to Gears 5 FORGE, they closed it in a bit more and got rid of a lot of the open areas that made the map seem big, I think FALLOUT’s issue is those massive corner spawns they had (Which was just lots of unnecessary space) I think they could make it better for all game modes by giving it a touch up like that perhaps…


See what I mean^
The green highlighted areas are the unnecessary corner space at the spawns, I think if they closed that in a bit to about here…


Look where the pink lines are… maybe they could do more, but it might make it easier for the AI to close in on bases a bit quicker for horde.

I agree with what you’re saying, but imo if TC had extended development and given themselves more time, they could’ve brought more maps over from Gears 4 (I mean damn, they should’ve done this right? :man_shrugging:)

I realise they said its hard to directly port maps over, but I’m not buying the fact its easier to make maps from scratch when they essentially have the blueprints to those old ones on Gears 4…

You should at least try OLD TOWN on horde (Gears 4 & Gears 3), I think it hits off quite well on versus, but the way I see it horde mode players can’t exactly be fussy when it comes to maps, I’ll take any new or old map as long as I have a fresh detailed environment to sit through the waves on horde on, for example even if the map wasn’t that great on PvP versus I’d still take it for horde, because us PVE players are generally easy when it comes to requests for extra content and I like to stand by that fact :wink::man_shrugging:

Have to agree, new detailed environments will go a long way at keeping the game fresh and keeping players of all gamemodes engaged… :v:

I might be the minority here, but even if that is the case I never wanna see that map again :joy:

You and me both brother… until now haha

You guys are seriously going to make me vomit with all these gears 4 maps.

I’ve played Old Town on 4s Horde and thought it was ok. But whoever made the map selection for Horde matchmaking in Gears 4s later half of the life cycle clearly didn’t think so.

And I don’t think we should get any further Gears 4 maps in 5 at all.

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you’ll get an enema from all the maps that TC will be porting over then…

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I really really like FALL OUT.


That map is dated af. I hate it aesthetically and the layout sucks.
I wish they would bring back DAWN.
To me that is thee best looking map of gears 4.
Im wondering why they haven’t brought back IMPACT DAY.
Tht was a great map for any game mode


I can’t remember DAWN, got any pictures? :thinking:

Are there any old maps you’d like to see in 5 that were in other gears games? (Not just Gears4)

What :scream:
It was great for escalation.
The map has this color tht really pops.
You would definitely remember it if you saw it.
Snipe i think would be on the top inside and drop would be on the opposite middle.
You would have to do a quick google search

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How do you know they are coming back?

No. I didn’t play the MP in 1/2/3/J. Only the respective Campaigns because I wasn’t into playing MP when I played Gears 2/3 so only did the Campaigns, and I only played the first Gears with Gears UE… and only for its Campaign. J, I kinda came a few years late so only the Campaign there as well.

Basically, anything that wasn’t in Gears 4 gets a clear pass from me… unless it ends up being terrible for Horde.

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Ooo is it that outsider settlement base thing?

And I don’t, ngl my ocd kicked in I didn’t want to make a massive thread title :sweat_smile: sorry if it seems click - baity, I just remebered FALLOUT recently and my love for the UIR reminded me of it I guess? That dystopian type atmosphere of the rocket base and propaganda poster littered around the map really gave you an idea of the kind of government the UIR had,… highly militaristic and tyrannical… at least that’s the vibe I get now by learning from Gears 5 campaign that they annexed vasgar and were V power hungry… I think… I don’t know the full details, but they are a pretty interesting faction.

I see what your saying, so you never tried gears 2 & Gears 3 horde in those maps!? :eyes: Damn, you missed out dude :weary:

And Its like I said, the more options the better, theres gonna be crappy maps for versus, but naturally I think in horde you can get away with it, just a matter of where you set up your base :v:

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I was still rather young and not into MP games much if at all by the time I got my hands on Gears 2/3. Only really started to get into that with Halo 5 and Gears 4(more so Gears than Halo 5 cause I stopped playing that Halo a few months into its life cycle).

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I thought I was the only one who liked these maps to be honest.