Maps? (Because 15 characters)

So with the next TU what maps are we hoping to see?..

I only have one map that I want to see…



Anything not in Gears 4 so I know I’ll be disappointed.


Yeah it is 2020… So I won’t get my hopes up lol…

Need to be at least 5 new maps really

Don’t mind a port or two from 4, a remaster or two from 1-3 and some brand new ones

You’ll see River, don’t worry.

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I want Hotel… even though it was in Gears 3 and 4, it would be nice to see this map make a comeback again.

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We rlly do need maps…it’s not there isn’t a number of them in g5…it’s the fact that half of them are g4 maps.

Outside of Gears 4,

Would love

River (Most possible)
Nowhere (Severely Underrated)
Allfathers Garden (Same as above)


River from Gears 2.
Then I wish to see at least 6 other maps, with maybe 1 or 2 remake.

I also would like to see introduced a new primary rifle (for medium-long distance), like the Hammerbust from Gears 3.

I already know that I am wishing the impossible.

I loved Sandbar and Academy, but without the Oneshot, without the Hammerbust and in a 4 vs 4 it would suck.
Trenches probably be good for Gears 5
Azura was awesome to see, decent to play in Versus, really fun for Horde.
Anvil would be nice for a 5 vs 5.

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asking for a map that isn’t ■■■■ or a gears 4 port
Not happening, kiddo

Something new, hopefully. Maybe an Azura-themed map, something in the Vasgar hangar or a Gorasnaya map. I dunno, most of the campaign locations already have their own respective maps.

For past maps: a snowy version of Security, Hail, Stasis or something like that would fit in.
There’s River of course, but I think that’s basically already been soft-confirmed sometime in the past. I mean, I think.

Still waiting on one of the many maps from the Dark corners DLC to make a comeback.

Sanctuary, AFG, or even Highway would be splendid.

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Be nice to see Azura return, was a great looking map on Gears 3 back on the 360, so for Xbox One & especially Series X it’ll look stunning. Should have a good chance as it was heavily involved with Gears 5’s campaign.

Oh, that’s River. IDK why I thought it was some other map the whole time.

we seen a glitch last week that hinted at Impact Night,

other than that probably River.

River is another map that will be hated/unpopular right after release, like people don’t understand that Gears 2 and Gears 5 don’t play the same lol. It’ll be popular for Horde but it’ll be like Icebound or Vasgar for PvP… Good luck actually playing it in Ranked is all I’m saying.


I’ve been saying this about River since people were asking for it during Gears 4. While its a great map for Gears 2, its gonna suck for PvP

I think a good map from Gears 2 that would play well for all modes is Ruins. Plenty of cover to get around the map but also plenty of choke points

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Any and all Gears 2 maps. Wouldnt mind brand new ones as long as they arent open wastelands with snipers and rifles galore.

Give me River and I’ll be so happy I wont care about anything else. I’ve wanted this map to be remade for almost a decade.

TC knows this. Now is the time. Make it happen.

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I wish Relic would be remade.