Maps and Spawn system needs to be revamped!

Since when Gears 3 introduced TDM game mode the spawn system at times can be frustrating. Where you originally spawn is perfect, but once you get a team that spawn kills you can’t barely move out of spawn because you go back to the same located position. You can’t reach half way through the map without getting slaughtered. This is a huge disadvantage and it kind of ruins the fun for the team that gets killed within a few seconds

Judgment may not be the greatest Gears game in history, but in my opinion TDM worked well 'cause of the map layout and the spawn system was like other shooters. All other game modes in Gears 4 that has a spawn system like Koth/ King of the Hill should be improved cause sometimes you spawn with the enemy

I do wish TC increase maps size a little and have multiple pathways. E.G Black ops/ Halo franchise etc. And improve the spawn system overall. This is my thoughts and not many people may not agree with this . I just want Gears 5 to be a healthy game.

I hope TC actually reads this and if you do, Thanks !

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Problem is, if you spawn people outside their spawn you end up with people spawning behind your back, which is even more frustrating.

Spawn trapping is an issue in some maps. Others flip well, perhaps too well (Security). I think that Gridlock, clocktower, blood drive, Reclaimed, and maybe others, are too easy to trap people on and should be adjusted.

TDM does not and will never work in Gears. Adding spawn points will actually make it worse and just add more BS

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@API TDM can work only if TC only spends more time on the mode + other modes. Increasing the map size like Judgment kind of worked for TDM. It means TC would have to work extra hard to make it happen. A lot of play testing to find the right balance is key. I’m off Topic in a way now… but Black ops 4 beta was 5 v 5 in some modes and the map flow worked perfectly. I’m not saying just copy Black ops 4 maps fully. They could learn from it.

The only reason it may have even slightly worked in Judgment is because Judgment didn’t let you hold more than one weapon. You had a Gnasher OR a Lancer. So camping power positions was not an issue. It’s just too easy to camp on Gears. Gameplay for TDM will either be complete BS or a complete campfest. That’s my opinion anyway. I don’t see TDM working for this style of game

:smile: You haven’t played much Judgment it seems.

I think the maps TC has made are a good size for 5v5 it’s just that some of the rehashed ones like Security are too small. Any bigger and it just takes you longer to get into the action.

They definitely need to improve the spawns though for all gamemodes. Lost count of the amount of times I was picking the frags up on Raven Down yesterday and an enemy spawned right up my backside.

Oh was the one weapon thing only in FFA or something? Yeah I guess I’m talking out of my a$$ on that point tbh lol