Map - War Machine

Can the community get War Machine from the Classic Gears One, Definitely for UMG purposes



I kind of doubt it though… as far as the Gears 1 version… I do expect them to bring it over eventually since they have Boxes… but most definitely they’ll use the model from 4.

Umg doesn’t allow crossplay :-1:t4:
War machine would be class though

No thank you


Agree no thx.

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War Machine :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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No more remakes of remakes remakes remakes please

War machine plays fine.

At this point they should at the very least put in all maps from Gears 4.

And…fix the rng for map choices.

In social quick play it seems Bunker, District, and Training Grounds have a 99% chance of being your choice.

1% All Fathers Garden and Vasgar.

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