Map voting needs to happen!

Map voting needs to happen for gears 4! Suprised why didnt do this from day one!


Map voting should be like a wheel of fortune like Mario Kart 8. Everyone picks their favorite map. A wheel of fortune spins. The luckiest player wins.


I assume you mean horde? I agree, but TC said in a live stream that their system won’t allow them to add it, and due to the deadline the game was to be released, they had to focus on other aspects.


Totally agree! Something, anything! I bought so many maps but the same 5 maps keep coming up! It’s frustrating!

I think he means in general. The map voting system is pretty worthless. You will always run into kids who want to play the same map over and over. I’m telling you the Mario kart 8 voting system is pretty decent. It could be improved by allowing players to chose THEIR favorite map instead of a computer generated 3, and spinning that wheel of fortune.

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Oh, right.

Yeah, that would be cool, because I need Speyer for the salvo kills, but whenever it comes up, it’s always next to Blood Drive, or something everyone else votes for.

But it’s something they are physically unable to add to this game.

Totally agree. The current map system is in major need of renovation. OMG I get so sick of playing KOTH on Security.

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I disagree with this. While it would take more time to do this, i feel you would consistently play the same maps. Most ppl have 6-8 maps thar are fan favs and used in gb, tourneys

If your talking about Horde, it’s too late since major game feature support is ended and it will take too much time and work to implement it in.

Because people used to choose a desired or preferred Map, that led to other Maps not being chosen as often in Gears of War 3.

I would prefer there wasn’t any Map voting for Horde or Versus either, because I liked to not know which Map we would get next.
How would you get better at an undesired Map, if it wasn’t chosen often?
I want to be able to play all the Maps, with equal chance of them being selected in rotation.


I understand what you guys mean and when I wrote this I was tired and once I pressed enter I realized there are too many maps for the wheel of fortune voting to be in a competitive game type.
Escalation for example would only have a fixed amount of maps determined by the maps picked for the season by esports gears.
Execution should have more of a variety of maps.
Honestly there would have to be some in game changes to modes like tdm where people can spawn behind you or maps would have to be taken out of that as well. ex: Raven Down is too small people will eventually spawn behind you causing an unfair situation where you die to someone who has a spawn shield and a greater position than you. It takes no skill. Always thought they should add more spawns. Maybe even spawn you in cover so spawn shield can be taken out of the game.

By “won’t allow”… you of course mean that they don’t want to do the work.

Let’s call it out for what it really is.

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Let me ask you this, would you want them to divert their resources (manpower and time) working on major game features now for Gears 4 which is already into its life cycle, or just put focus into Gears 5?

This argument doesn’t hold up.

They have separate people working on each game. Also the foundation for map voting was already in place (as done for multiplayer).

As a computer programmer, I can tell you that adding the existing system to horde isn’t a huge undertaking. Unless they have an absolutely incompetent programming team, which I doubt.

Then all I can think if is that this wasn’t on their current roadmap for Gears 4 and so they place focus on other things.

Neither was map voting for versus, but they added it due to pressure from the community.

The only reason I can think of that it didn’t get added to horde is that we’re a minority of the community in comparison to versus players.

So we don’t get priority :frowning:

I’m not trying to be awkward or annoying, but really, what else did they focus on? Horde players have been shafted since day one, if we’re being honest

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I would much rather prefer a map veto for Horde.

Otherwise, we will just end up in the same place as before anyway, just this time the community has inflicted it and not TC.

when was this idea even suggested? Because wasnt the versus map voting was suggested during their game feature support period.

But nevertheless, I think they just want to focus on esports/competitive first. I just wish they had like a dedicated Horde designer tbh.

It was suggested at the same time as the versus requests were made.

At a time when there was tons of time left in the support period.

As you know, the horde community has made countless threads with a ton of great suggestions and fix requests for horde and barely anything was done. But they’ll happily spend hours nerfing horde speedruns.

If it’ll help you get credits, then they’ll devote resources toward horde… Ugh.

Versus moaners get what they want though of course.

It gets frustrating that horde plays second fiddle all the time :frowning: