Map voting in horde?

Hey folks,

Just wanted to see if anyone else missed being able to vote between three different maps in the horde pre game lobby.

I feel like this would be great for frenzy, while still giving custom lobby hosts the choice to pick their own maps.

On that note, why is there no uproar about frenzy not being available in customs?

Share your thoughts!

There was plenty of uproar. Most of it occurred when frenzy first launched.

TC had it a few maps only, then made it work on all maps, its likely to come into customs around OP4, but TC was very honest with the fans that it would take them time to get this in.

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Voting for horde maps is a good idea though it might lead to some very standard picks like Forge or Asylum.

I can’t wait for frenzy to be in custom, i don’t find any players/matches

vote map is nice idea

I would like a map veto back, or a map vote, but then again with the custom lobby browser for Horde, and being able to leave the lobby before the game starts, unlike Gears 4, I feel like the majority of the complaints on this have died down. A lot of people wanted this in Gears 4.

It’s also very easy to get 3 slightly more difficult maps show up in the vote, like Pahanu, Lift and Icebound for example. Especially in a public game where you haven’t got a clue who you are getting as teammates.