Map variety is a serious problem

The map variety in gears 5 is becoming a serious problem. The majority of ranked matches are played on Blood Drive, checkout, and foundation. This is making the game extremely stale. There’s a decent amount of maps in the game now, so why are we getting the same maps over and over?

I know we can’t control what other players vote for, but maybe we change the voting system so there are two maps to vote on and the third option is random. Also this game needs new maps added monthly.

Another issue with the maps is that many players cannot see the pregame lobby in a party and cannot vote at all…

Any ideas on how the TC can fix this issue?


Everyone votes for those maps over and over because so many of the remainder are just plain awful. I think it’s less about the system and more about the lack of maps. Most other shooters roll out new maps but also include many of the legacy ones. The issue here was so few maps and no returning ones from the start… Next operation is said to have more maps. I know that is in the distance but until then I think it’s going to keep playing out this way.

You’re right. The remaining maps are awful. It’s either gears 4 maps or horrible gears 5 maps. We need the legacy maps to come back like War machine, mansion, clocktower, gridlock , jacinto, River, etc.


a year later and this bug is still here. it’s pathetic.


Also in horde. Blooddrive, Reactor, Checkout, Lift,Vasgar, never show up in the frenzy public matches. Three of those are new op four additions and they never appear. Whats up with that?


I counted the other day and gears 4 has 31 maps while gears 5 has 19 maps, that’s a major difference

12 extra maps to play on gears 4, also keep in mind most of gears 5 maps are from gears of war 4

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Gears 4 was supported for 2 years post launch though, give em time, I suspect they’ll shove more maps down our throats than we’ll know what to do with. I suspect TC will port most of the Gears 4 maps over, I expect at least 5 maps per operation but they could easily do even more.

OP: One of the things that is amazing about the Gears series is that its had a TON of great maps since the series began, so much so that I’m surprised they create new maps nowadays in the first place. They have like 80 or so maps they can pool from in terms of remakes so the value of creating new ones (especially ones like Pahanu that are ■■■■) goes down tremendously. Hope in Gears 6 they’ll just focus on remakes because A) its faster/easier and B) would get our nostalgia rocks off :joy:

I really hope river makes a return, loved that map.


Was about to say the same. Sure there are custom lobbies but they rarely fill up quickly, if at all.

I have the best memories on that map.

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That map remasters for gears 5 would be EPIC!

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I think that’s the only map I played in GOW2 :sunglasses:

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I wonder if we ever played together back in the day. Has this always been your tag?

No I don’t think so mate. I had a different one in those days. I didn’t play much but when I did it was River.
That’s the only memories I have of horde back from those days.

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It would be nice to have better map rotation. Every other match is Blood Drive or Checkout. At the same time there’s a reason those are picked all the time. They are decent maps and the other less popular maps aren’t great. If you saw a lobby with Harbor, Pahanu, and Bunker , would you be excited?

Actually, I like Icebound a lot. It rarely comes up or gets picked but I think its a decent map. Vasgar isn’t bad either but it almost never come up. They could at least offer some of the less popular maps more often.

Definitely need more Legacy maps!


I will say it again and again, there was no need for TC to change the multiplayer setup we had from Gears 3.

Plenty of maps and good old rolling lobbies…simple, not the crap that we have had over the last 2 games.

When we had map drops on a monthly basis, that’s when we received Impact Dark, Harbor Haze(god that was an AWFUL Horde map), Reclaimed Windflare, and possibly a fourth I do not remember.

Yeah, uh, no thanks to monthly map drops. The positives on that are heavily outweighed by the negatives.

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Apparently it’s difficult to adjust this map to Versus with the spawns.

But I’d love to have it too. There’s a bunch of other maps I’d like to return as well.


I can see the spawns being a problem since in 2. They always respawned in the same spawn area of the
Opposite side of the river, which you can blow up the entire team with the boomshot.

Still, i remember always playing KOTH and horde on the map and the insanity to win the match when the circle was at the sniper spawn.