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So… what type of maps do you guys enjoy? What I mean by this is, do you enjoy pristine locations? Big maps, lots of cover? Unique and out of the ordinary? (Icebound).

Personally… I gravitate towards cover based and smaller maps, locations are a big deal to me as well. I love locations that also have a big history surrounding it, it adds to the location and I always appreciate seeing maps that have details about what happened there.

The only map I actually like is blood drive. It’s a shame relic didn’t come back. Maps that aren’t lancer fests are the most fun, that’s why gridlock sucks :3



Maps that are dark and gritty are the best kind.


For both PvP and PvE, I prefer maps that just have a thousand options for cover and not alot of options for Lancer angles. Maps like Bunker are just so bad because they are so open and promote lancer gunplay over everything else which, to me, is extemely boring. Small maps, not ones like Sandbar and Aftermath. These things don’t make up my favorite maps though.

Gears 1 (favorite of all time map) : Old Bones
Gears 2 : Allfathers Garden
Gears 3 : Artillery
Judgment : Streets
Gears 4 : Diner
Gears 5 : Ritual

That’s a funny way to spell Thrashball :sweat_smile:

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Is that good or bad? :joy:

I didnt expect that answer.

I like the maps with functional interactivity or environmental changes.

Avalanche is the best example. Security also had the lasers you could activate.

Unfortunately Icebound is the only gears5 map you can really interact with and change gameplay somewhat.

There’s that trick with the arcade on District, but that’s not really feasible to access in a versus setting.

Like regency.

They remade Thrashball in Gears 4 but they just called it Glory for some reason.

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Such a mid remake of a great map :neutral_face:

But mount gearsmore was really dope.

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That’s actually one of my favorite maps in the game. I always perform well there!

So the only GoW maps I actually like — Jacinto, War Machine, Hotel, Haven, Rig, Grindyard, Lift(Gow4 only), Avalanche, Checkout, Drydock & Old Bones.

The only real link these maps have is that there isn’t some tiny area where 3-4 players from each team are forced to have a smoke/stun fight with each other.

This also shows what I think of TCs ability to design a proper map — these people can’t help themselves, it’s pathology. Basically every map has to have this tiny area where people can have RNG fights with each other. It’s not an accident, it’s not incompetence, it’s intentional and I hate it.

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It’s very pretty!!

Never really thought of it that way. The map layout looks very similar except it has a turret that you cannot escape from unless you have spawn protection.

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It was nearly identical to the layout on the beta version of thrashball but I didn’t have an image of it to work with at the time. (Center spawn exit was added to thrashball for the final release.)


Asylum, Rail line, River
River is about its darkness and a good balance between line of sights and covering.
Rail line is the shape and ability to play both in cover and traveling.
River I don’t know why but I like the overall design


War machine, Sanctuary and Nowhere

Would be amazing if we could have every map from every game in the next one.