Map Strategies and fun facts about (Gridlock)

Hello everyone, I am working on a project to help the community out. The first topic will be on Gridlock. Throughout the series, it has been universally the same. What has been some of your favorite strategies when playing on Gridlock in any mode. What advice would you give to your fellow Gears? (Your posts will be read in the program. So you all will get shout outs)


Advice: Don’t push for frags unless you want to be insta-downed by 3 people camping at the boltok spawns


my favorite moment was glitching out of the map while playing guardian in gears 2 ,
my best advice ,when playing KOTH watch out for the cross fire from the sides when the ring is at nade spawn

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Try to control the towers on each side. At the very least keep the opposition off so you’re not lancered down every five seconds.

I’ve had a lot of success on this map by sending 2 snipe, 1 nades, 1 boom, and 1 Boltok. Whoever goes boltok tower (always me on my team) should be making calls to whoever is going nades and boom. Mark or down opponents going to nades (I do this even before picking up boltok or HB) and immediately shift your attention to boom. Throw a smoke for your teammate there if needed.
Whoever grabs nades should help obtain snipe.

From that point, you should have map control. Control on this map only requires having snipe tower as having people in snipe and boltok ensures enemies cannot pickup any power weapons.
This is a campy map so impatient, gnasher-centric players will suffer most of the time. But, if you have lost map control you MUST push snipe tower together. Do not overlook the shock grenades . They are criminally undervalued.

Effective snipers will often be moving on this map. While you can camp boltok with the snipe, good players know what angles you can and can’t hit them. An advanced sniper will constantly change angles on this map.

Watch nades. I repeat. WATCH NADES. It’s insane how often I see teams let people pick up nades on this map. Don’t even worry about picking them up, You can leave them as bait. It’s very easy to gun down players who can’t resist grabbing nades on Gridlock. If they throw a smoke, just mark before they enter smoke or shoot where the nades are. You will sometimes get more kills by leaving nades there and letting them try to pick them up than you will grabbing the actual nades.

It’s also easy to spawn trap on this map but I won’t go into that strat as I think spawn trapping is ugly and I personally just don’t play like that.

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I make sure to grab sniper if it’s available just so the other team cant get it. I rarely use it (bc i’m not good with it), I’ll just backpack it to prevent the other team from getting it.

Same with nades, I’ll pick it up even if i know i’ll get killed just so the other team wont get it.

And if the other team manages to get the sniper, they’ll almost always go to their tower and plant a smoke. I’ll just run around, sneak up from behind, and wait for when he’s aiming to rush and kill him. Depending on where they plant the smoke, I can run past it and kill them before the smoke goes off and stuns me.

Very satisfying.

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Get snipe and retreat to boltok spawn, Get and keep boom.

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Hold both towers and sniper for an easy win.

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