Map sharing is dead

The Map Sharing feature in Escape is dead, so I basically feel like im wasting my time making maps on Escape entirely. NOONE, and I mean NOONE, plays player-made maps. There’s not even any featured maps besides the ones that were made at launch. Pretty messed up since that was the first thing I did at launch.

I get the impression it does not get as much attention as it deserves because TC refused to gove any rewards for doing player made hives because of the potential to make farming hives only for skills or XP… something that could have been alleviated by them simply choosing specific hives to be featured and having those count for rewards and Tour progression. But as of now not even the three TC hives in the map builder provide anything.

Point simply is that the map builder really isn’t very used and has been kinda forgotten due to other Gears 5 issues, and no rewards is probably a turnoff for a lot of players. I made a hive once but it was only played like, 11 times, I believe. Or it has only been run by 11 players although it did get a 100% rating from those who did. But considering the effort I put into it, it didn’t seem very encouraging to make another when so few would play it.

Seeing as we are getting less Hives per operation what TC should do is start pushing player made hives in between the new hive releases. Give leader board rewards for it and give the creator some kind of rewards. This will encourage people to actually use the map editor and have people play user created content


I’m on board with that idea. The truth of the matter is that half of the reason we play escape is to level a character.

The possibility of a troll hive and the fact that you get nothing for doing it… honestly as soon as I knew those two factors I knew the mode would not make any progress as a community hub.

I think the idea to pick a fan made hive and have it rotated into the playlists is a magnificent idea. It would push players to make well thought out or challenging hives. Reward those players with something to show off in game and this mode could see itself be a wonderful community hub.

I personally love escape, and I love doing longer escape hives. It’s discouraging to know that as soon as support stops for this game: the hives will stop too. Having the community be incentivized to make new maps is a great thing to bring the community together and flesh out the escape map pool.