Map rotation is not giving much choice

Hi im just trying to get some information for my concern. I am playing in the uk and I’m mostly on social with few friends and whatever mode we play gridiron, tdm, koth etc we keep getting the same four maps all night every night. The maps in question are bunker, training grounds, ice bound and district. It has got to the stage where none of us even want to play anymore as we are sick to death of looking at them and have now gone back to gears 4 ranked to get a bit of variety. Can anyone let me know if there is something I can do as I would rather play 5 than 4 and im a bit pissed off it . Much appreciated


Same here UK also. Get the same maps all the time. Main reason I don’t play as much. Anyone no why its the same maps?

Having the same problem. It’s like the game forces you to change the mode to get a new map to play on (when on social quick play TDM/KOTH/Guardian). I do get Foundation and Forge also sometimes. But new maps like Pahanu/ Canals - I only got it once or twice since OPS 3… It seems map rotation is not working properly to me.

I’ve given up with it it’s bad isn’t it? I’m playing either 4 or 3 now as some of the glitches I’ve been experiencing on 5 are shocking. I’ll give it a few months check back in with operation 4 or whatever next big update is

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