Map rotation doesn't exist for horde period

10 matches all on insane diner, raven down, diner, fallout, raven down, diner, glory, diner, canals and raven down . No one can tell me this is random at all.

That’s the current rotation, actually.

Not all maps participate, unfortunately. Which is a nonsense.

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2 months it’s been this way just makes zero sense.

It is random, but it’s all about odds. if there’s 34 maps and say, 1,000 people playing/ searching that’s 200 teams = 200 matches.
200 ÷ 34 = 5.9.
So you have a pretty much 6% chance of getting the same map.
More people increases the chances.

Likely butchered the math, so I’m sure someone will correct me, but hopefully you get what I’m saying :slight_smile:

Let’s take a die (Dice is more than 1 :wink: ) you could roll all 6’s and the next minuet you could roll all 5’s. It’s still random, stuff just happens :slight_smile:

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It’s garbage and honestly one of my biggest gripes ATM. I’m getting tired of these maps.

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I have been getting exactly the same maps in public. Where is dry dock, checkout, gridlock, lift, war machine, old town and speyer. It has been the same maps for a few months now. I wish I could select maps I don’t like and they never come up again.

Drydock does come up sometimes.
I’ve played on it this month, and last time I saw it was this week.

It has been a long time since I last came across it in public. Mostly just been getting Diner and Canals.