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Map Remakes Gears 5

Ideally we should have ALL maps. If Halo MCC can do it, why cant we ?


NO. Can we get NEW content this time around?

We need to stop asking for old maps. With all the same mechanics as gears 4 it’ll literally be gears of war 4 again.

I don’t care if we never see any of the old maps ever again.


If there MUST be old maps I’d say bring 2 back. River and another one. But that’s it.


We will get new content. But like every Gears game before there will be remakes. We’re just asking for remakes people want instead of getting maps that no one likes

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All the maps you listed are spot on a waste of time and effort for remakes because hardly anyone that I know wanted them back - especially above so, so many better maps and more popular maps.

A simple voting system, even if TC was considering allowing us to vote between 2-3 maps or so would mean we get the ones people actually vote and play on.

I’ve got my own list from previous games that I think would have kept Gears 4 fresh.

I also wouldn’t mind Remakes being altered as maps need to be bigger to have more strategy, right now, they are small and that’s why we have spawn issues too.

Yea, it’s not gonna stop TC from making new maps, they understand the importance of new maps.

We’ve had this conversation before :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

And for the most part agree on which maps should and shouldn’t return.

It would just be a nice gesture from TC. Even if they gave us 3 maps to choose from to vote on. I just dont want the worst maps to be remade again


I just want to avoid wasted map choices that almost never get used when you can have favourites that people really like and would actually get voted and played on.

Even if it was 1-2 maps every 1-2 months being brought back, not at the expense of new maps, but a nice balance.

And, if they “remake” them by taking the base map and just expanding it in a meaningful way, so yeah it’s familiar and new, then you get the best of both worlds and this ensures it’s perfectly suited for 5.

I know it gets a lot of hate but look at Judgment and what it did to Blooddrive. Little changes like that to other maps that people ask for would be welcomed.

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Agreed. Never seen anyone say “yeah security”!

I did like azura though. Kinda wouldn’t mind that

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My fav version of BD in fact.
As for only new content. I do not agree. I am happy with a 75/25 split but we should not abandon our Legacy and history. I have said it time and time again, why not only remake maps that have been used once (maybe twice in extreme circumstances) across any of the previous 5 games.

I honestly hope we do not get any old maps looks like the campaign’s going to be going over history revisiting places we’ve been before TC needs to reinvent gears
And I don’t think you’re going to see two maps a month I think we’ll have a map editor at some point and we’ll be able to make our own maps just my opinion

You really support old maps intended for 4v4 to return to Gears 5? I don’t follow this logic

Gears 1 was the only one that was 4v4. Yet a lot of the remakes are from Gears 1. Gridlock, canals, Fuel Depot, War Machine Clocktower

Theres plenty of great maps that could be remade that support 5v5

The point is these maps were created by Epic Games with their Gears style in mind and many of them wont or dont suit TCs Gears very well at all especially in game modes like KOTH

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Gridlock works. So does war machine, fuel depot and clocktower. I personally feel like there are a bunch of maps from this series that could work. And because of the history with the game we know there will be some remakes, All the community wants is a say so we don’t end up with maps we dont like, like rustlung and drydock

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I support being able to sort of vote for what older maps we’d like to see in Gears 5 but at the same time I kind of wish the Gears community would adopt a no Epic Games maps policy for the future of Gears

Maybe have a classic map DLC later in Gears 5

I would love more new content in Gears 5 especially since most of the maps from 4 are remakes. But I’m just going off of every previous Gears game. There will definitely be some number of remakes. I just don’t want those spots taken by something the community doesn’t want :COUGH: Rustlung :COUGH: or a map we’ve had too many times (Retire Gridlock PLEASE)

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Are there any maps that NOBODY wants? I think Rustlung might be up there, especially since they removed the silverback which was the only thing that made it interesting. Maybe Sandbar but I really like that map. I just hope that any map that was a post-launch remake for 4 doesn’t come back for 5, otherwise it feels like less of a new experience.

I wonder how many remakes gonna be in gears 5 … probably a lot …