Map Remakes Gears 5

TC please think about having some kind of voting for any map remake you guys are thinking about adding to Gears 5. No one wants maps like Rustlung, Diner, Drydock, Glory, Mercy, ect. I know you choose maps that play well with the tuning. But please let us fans have a say this time around


I support this :+1:




I would rather have new, quality content anyway.


I like diner and etc., great maps. Personally I hope they continue the trend of rereleasing new maps, the gears 4 remastered maps are truly the definitive editions.


I think most maps created with 4v4 and different movement mechanics in mind should be scrapped and left behind.

I’ve played Ranked on Security about 10 times just this week and let me tell you it’s tiresome in Gears 4


Haha why the hate on diner? I like that map! Personally I would like a 75/25 percent ratio of new to old maps. Remaster the all time faves (mansion) but give us new content. Sand dunes, snow, and jungle maps like we saw in the campaign trailer.


The only Gears 4 map I want remade to come back to 5 is Foundation and I don’t even want anything changed other than perhaps making it snow or rain.

But yeah, voting would be great.

Yes. That is all.

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I 100% agree with you but you know at the end of the day there will be remakes. Hopefully nowhere near as many as Gears 4 had.

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Yea, it’d be nice to have mainly new maps.

The potential to bring back old maps with the Map Builder is really high anyways, depending on how much the tool evolves. It’s gonna have to have evolved quite a bit just by the time Horde/Versus maps are able to be created in it, just off the fact that we’ll need to be able to choose different backdrop templates and we should have access to atleast all the MP maps’ tiles that are available by then.

I hope they also add tiles from areas in Campaign that have enough tiles to make a map and that are unique from those used in any other of the original MP maps. Adding tiles from Gears 4 and Gears:UE MP or Campaign areas, or even completely new tiles just for the Builder would be awesome.

Maybe allow us to edit the backdrops’ time of day and weather/special effects like Aurora Borealis , etc. So that way it seem more like completely unique maps. If they eventually add the ability to place items into the tiles, it’d be crazy.

With TC planning to constantly evolve the Map Builder based on players wants/needs, depending on how flexible they’re willing to and have the ability to make it, it could have endless potential.

Map builder had a bunch of potential. The only thing is how they bring theses map creations to the public for MP/Horde

I don’t know why. But Drydock is my favorite map from Gears 3 and I was surprised, yet not disappointed to see it return.

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What sucks about Drydock is the Heavy Weapon and Torque Bow / Longshot sides aren’t viable for Horde when they used to be for Gears 3, Especially on Insane to Inconceivable. Most will build in one of the two spawns.

Yeah I can see that

River nothing more to say…


I see you and raise Artillery :+1:


I see your Artillery and raise you Jacinto and Day One…


Right then
Boneyard. SNAP :wink:

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