Map Idea - Landown

I think a great location and name for a new map would be in the town of Landown.

In the Gears of War 2 campaign the COG launched an assault on Landown and retook the town from the Locust.
They used Derricks also in the assault so they could deploy the Grindlifts into the Locust hollow.

The theme of the map would be very similar to what you see in the Gears of War 2 campaign.

The map would consist of two Derricks in the centre road squeezed tightly between four buildings.

I’ve made two rough drawings of the map, one of the ground level and another of the second level.

Just so you can attempt to understand my poor drawing.

The colours refer to the following:

COG Spawn - Blue
Swarm Spawn - Dark Red
Stairs Up - Green
Stairs Down - Red
Buildings - Purple
Derricks - Pink
Doorways - Yellow
Climbable Windows - Lime Green
Balcony - Light Blue
Cover - Grey
Structural Pillars and Interior Walls - Black
Weapons - Orange

Ground Level.

Starting at the COG Spawn, you have three paths to choose from.
You can take the first path using the top building (closest building) and choose between three paths.
Head left upstairs, head straight forward to the Torque, or down out the window to the Grenades.

You can take the second path, through the alleyway heading towards Grenades.
You can head up through the window or take the path between the building and the Derrick towards the Torque.
You can also head down leading back into the third path (furthest building)

The third path is straight ahead out of spawn.
You can head straight forward and go upstairs, or take a left toward the Retro or head out the building.
Heading out of the building at the bottom leads back up to the second path.

The ground level has two ways to cross to your opponents side, through Grenades or Torque.
The ground level is more open than the second level and has more crossing paths.

Second Level.

Starting at the top building closest to the COG Spawn at the Stairs Down.
You can head right to the Boltok, the room is similar to the room on Checkout.
You can also head forward across an enclosed arch connecting you to the bottom building.

Starting at the bottom building at the Stairs Down.
You can head left toward the enclosed arch connecting you to the top building.
You can head straight forward toward the balcony which connects to a Derrick with the Longshot.
There’s also a window you can use to get out to the balcony.

The second level only has one way to cross to your opponents side, over the Derrick.
The Derrick would sit slightly higher than the balcony, blocking ways to cross.
There would be toppled Grindlifts providing cover on the balcony.
You would only be able to shoot down to ground level from the top side of either balcony in a very small area.

The second level would be more close quarters inside the buildings with multiple “clutch” spots.

Obviously you have to use your imagination a lot here right.
The height, width, shape and what cover even is i can’t really get across through simple drawings.
The dimensions of objects and pathways are obviously not to scale.

The map would probably play like hot turd but for the sake of an interesting thread i tried to make it unique.

But i really do think that Landown would be a great location for a brand new map.
And i really like the idea of including more COG vehicles on maps, not to use but for decorative purposes.

Also would be cool as an easter egg to find Skorges weapon cut halfway through a Centaur Tank.


This should be the next map after we see the brand new map spryer on Tuesday.


Thanks for that, now I know exactly when this location was just by saying that lol but ya nice concept.

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This is very cool, I’d like to see more maps that take inspiration from Gears 2, there are so many interesting environments that can be used.

Wait, there’s a second map?


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I believe River is meant to take place in Landown.

But I agree, its a scenic area that would be good for more maps.


They really need to tap into the community more we’ve got some brilliant ideas

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Yeah when i was thinking about other maps that may take place in Landown i thought about River.

I swear someone on the forums told me River was situated on the outskirts on Landown Highway though.

I also thought about Avalanche also as it has a similar aesthetic.
But i’ll be honest i have no idea where Avalanche is located.

What are you doing in my swamp?


My guess is avalanche is also in Landown lol.

I’m a sucker for snow maps though, especially since the blood and gore of Gears provides a nice color contrast against a white background.


I support this!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Awesome idea. Would definitely tap into Gears lore and we could use a little of that about now.

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Free for all map set inside one of the drill pods from Gears2.

12-16 players packed nuts to butts in a decending tube.

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I too hope we get a PvP map in Landown.

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I wish The Coalition would to be honest, they have to use Derricks and Centaurs in the map if they do.

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Avalanche is probaly themed from Landown as well. or possibly when we drive the centaur after escaping New Hope and they took inspiration from the surroundings.


You are putting too much hope into TC, they wont do ■■■■. I mean, one map for OP6 release and its speyer… come one there is planty of awesome maps damn it.

Shame they haven’t done a Inside Riftworm Themed Map. With Pumping hearts. Just a thought.

will they make it? probably not. I dont doubt TC on their map making abilities, they are fully capable and I enjoy their maps just as much as the old ones, sometimes even more. however, the time it takes and how many new maps we actually get, I have my doubts on.

Fantastic post.

I honestly have no idea behind the thinking at TC regarding what maps to put in the game.

There are soo many good locations from 4 and 5 that would adapt well as a MP map…as your post has clearly demonstrated.

But like anything with TC…if it makes sense or is a good idea…it wont happen.