Map editor help

Can you place COG tags in your own escape maps in the map editor? To be fair I haven’t been through the publish portion so maybe it’s in there, but I figured it would be with the other pickups. Also this is my first experience with the map editor so maybe this was answered months ago.

Thank you!

I do not think there is an option to(sure didn’t see one when I was bored and messed around with the map editor a little bit), but I think it isn’t included because the COG tags serve no real purpose in the hives due to there being no leaderboards visible nor any rewards for them, so why would you place COG tags there to get a better time?

COG tags reduce the leaderboard time by 80-90 seconds. In the current hive, the Detour, if you take the harder path, I’ve collected 14 COG tags per run, shaving off 1100 seconds or 18 minutes on a run with a clock time of 8 or so minutes. so it’s actually more beneficial by far to collect the tags then run through the map quickly. That said, some hives have 0 cog tags.

I can fully accept if the functionality isn’t there due to the fact that this is a beta. They had a Matriarch in Ice Queen (i think?) But I don’t see that in the map editor either.

I am well aware the COG tags reduce leaderboard timers(I have pretty much played them all and mastered all but The Descent, Ice Queen and Detour). I have played the mode enough to know this.

What I was referring to is said functionality not serving much of a purpose in custom/player built Escape hives as they for one, as far as I am aware, do not have visible leaderboards, nor do those leaderboards contribute towards having rewards given out. So why do you want to place COG tags on them for reduced leaderboard timers?

And I’m just trying to view it from TCs standpoint. They have no real reason to add tags to custom Escape hives. They would serve no real purpose for them unlike tags in their hives which have leaderboards with rewards on them.

They don’t have a leaderboard, but they do anonymously log the best run-time. And if I am making something to torture my friends (I mean, target fundamentals they need to work on :rofl:), I can still keep tabs of their times myself. It’s something they can track themselves to see if they’ve improved. Having them removed makes multipath maps kind of irrelevant - just run straight to the exit.

Just because there is no reward from the coalition, does not mean improvement and competition are rewards by themselves. You could just as easily use that logic to say, “There’s no leaderboard, there’s no reward, why even bother with custom maps at all?”

tbh you bring up a good point about rewards, though. It would be kind of cool if you could put up iron or scrap or skins as rewards to whoever can run the fastest time.

I do play custom Escape hives(so far, only solo and on a lower difficulty setting), to pass my time, and they can be quite fun, but not getting any rewards whatsoever is sometimes a bit lame. But still better than getting bothered by incompetent randoms or just searching for a Horde lobby for half an hour or longer and doing nothing during that time.

I’m just getting into it so I never thought about the reward aspect. I some times play in person with friends with multiple xboxs so the thought of springing a sprawling labyrinth on them is pretty appealing. Yeah, escape and moreso the map editor are both a little rough around the edges, but I appreciate that they’re trying new things.