Mantle speed changed?

Ive noticed this past week. Maybe last week also. That the mantle speed has changed.
As in slowed down even more.
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this also?

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I honestly never worked on the counter to the mantle, I think I must of did it once or twice since launch. In the last couple of weeks I must of countered a mantel at Least 6x it seems alot easier now. It does actually seemed like it was slowed down.
Honestly game play differs for me day to day.

Oh maybe i wrote it wrong
Im talking about hoping over a ledge.
I thought it was called mantling.

Im mean its ever so slight. But its noticable. ( the animation is slower) I notice it because im always messing with mantling in custom and in ffa around the annex
I like to practice mantle canceling like shock did against icy a couple months back.

No your correct. Even with ledges also and just cover. It does seem slower, even the time to counter a mantel kick seems longer.