Mandatory Crossplay?

To the best of my recollection there used to be a crossplay disable option at least on ranked a while back. Was this option removed entirely, and is VS full mandatory crossplay now on all modes?

For the better, honestly.

Trying to play controller v controller, console v console PVP is becoming essentially impossible. Every game is going to be marred with PC & Input advantage if it isn’t already, which most of them are. If you’re playing GoW, you might as well buy a PC because it drastically improves the games playability.


If my memory serves me, they removed the option to toggle crossplay because of low player population. It would essentially make it almost impossible for PC players to find a match if all console players had crossplay toggled off. Last I checked steamcharts, Gears 5 only averages 200 players a day. Console numbers unknown but presumably higher than PC.


Also correct.

No one likes this game sadly :frowning:
I wish Microsoft would stop hiding their numbers like cowards


That can’t be right?
I’ve seen 50k ppl on leaderboards for ranked when i took a long break and if I don’t play for a good few days I’m knocked down to 5-7-10k ranking. (not that the leaderboards mean anything, skill wise)

No one plays the game on steam that’s all it is. PC players could always find games on NA servers at all hours of the day, every day. This game probably has like 10-15k active players(play one match every 48 hours).

It’s probably here to stay going forward.

Problem is, the can’t really stop the small percentage that cheat. The advantages don’t bother me as long as people know they aren’t playing on a level field. Same with ping.

Correct. It’s now no longer optional for the players and heretics not to play together.

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Ah, Steam, didn’t read properly, was knackered! - And that’s a shame.

50k on leaderboards doesn’t equal 50k active players. There’s a lot unaccounted for.

  1. Anyone who plays one match during a season is on the leaderboard. If they only play 1 or 2 matches and don’t touch Gears 5 again for awhile then that’s not a very healthy playerbase.

  2. This kinda ties into point 1, but gamepass. People just trying it out to see if they like it or not. Gears 5 has a lot of registered players (people who at least booted it up) but doesn’t have very good player retention. Evidenced by the fact that achievements like reaching corporal in the TOD is still a rare achievement (at least last time I checked, roughly 3 months ago). That just says that a lot of people tried Gears 5 but not many stayed.

  3. Secondary/Smurf accounts. I’d hazard a guess that a significant chunk (not most but a decent amount) of players have a secondary/smurf account they play on. Padding the numbers a bit.

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Look at you being all logical!

I agree, well said. It’s always a nice surprise when people use their brain now and then on here.

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Thanks! I like to dust the cobwebs off of it every now and then.

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