Managed to score a Series X by following Matt Swider on twitter

Here to schill for a guy named Matt Swider. He writes for Tech Radar. I was finally able to get a Series X last week after following him on twitter for a few weeks. He is very tuned in to all the console res-stocks, and tweets out immediately when he is alerted of a restock. You just have to watch your phone.
Restocks are sticking around longer, and they are doing things to combat bot buyers. Like now you have to go pick it up at a store. So I guess to tell you to stay vigilant and follow Matt Swider on Twitter if you are serious about getting a console. I was very frustrated myself. I understand. But at least by following this guy it becomes a little easier.
And for the record, I am.only posting this to help others. I.dont know Matt. I have no financial incentive. I just know how frustrating it is to want a new console and not be able to get one. Deuces.

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Meh, I’ve checked google once in a while if any stores had the SeX in store and got it after less than a week of looking for it.

Seems like random online-stores also got some stocks once in a while.

@HerrKatzchen all Im saying is I wanted one, and out of principle I refused to buy from a reseller. I never could find one online…Ever. until Wednesday when Matt tweeted out a restock was happening at best buy. Just trying to help.

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Also ms is done upgrading the server blades now so that means there is more chips for series X consoles
I follow dee batch on twitter and digital foundry deals

I bought 2 series X ina. Week following them

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Sounds great.

Here in Aussie its super hard to find anything accurate. MS themselves have a list on their website of where has it in stock, keeps listing Amazon as “in stock” for the past week, and its always out.


@GhostofDelta2 I know he tweeted out about a PS5 restock on newegg yesterday. Just follow him and keep an eye on your phone. It worked for me. Good luck.

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Thank you.

Hoping for an Aussie retailer in case of any issues (we have great consumer protection). Given how hard it is to get a Series X I worry that units that fail wont be easy to replace/taking time to get money back if I go outside Aussie.

@GhostofDelta2 you woll get one very soon. Just watch your twitter notifications and be ready to act.

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Chuffed for you. :grin:.

I didn’t even realise it was still an issue.
I was pissed at Christmas. My wife ordered me one off amazon with a cod cold warfare on disk.
The game got delivered but console never.
Not sure why but they wouldn’t accept the game back for a refund even though it was still sealed and when asked what I’m gonna play it on they just as much as said tough.

@DeltaTrucker that is nuts. That makes absolutely no sense. Why didnt the console get delivered? One of the delivery guys steal it?