Man how much worse

I just stopped to think I’ve been playing since the tech test and witnessed this game decline so much over the last year my cousins who I got into gears with 4 have given up on 5 I’m still trying to give it chances but it keeps getting worse how much worse is it going to get will I have to just part ways with one of my favorite franchises because pvp is that bad is there light at the end of this tunnel ight I’m done I’m starting to sound like a poet😂


If you want decent pvp, I recommend Rainbow 6 Siege. No aim assist or bs bullet magnetism, it’s pure skill. The only redeeming parts of this franchise is Horde & Campaign


For me, only Horde… Maybe Gears 6 should be an only Horde game… No Campaign, no Versus and no Escape. :sweat_smile:

Here , a small tip for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah pvp ain’t great at all it’s strengths are campaign and horde for me and you encounter issues in those game modes as well but at least it doesn’t come with the same rage as being slighted by another person’s or your lack of connection in the game.

It’s a great game it’s just unfortunate that terrorist hunt…er… I mean training mode doesn’t get any love. Used to rock that on realistic with randoms all the time now you can wait up to 20mins and still not find anyone to roll with. But the PvP is never lacking.

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But it’s a train.