Malicious player "Leebro44"

Did you develop a vicious player “Leebro44” that joins Horde ’s custom, starts various harassment, and repeatedly devastating the player?
Take immediate action and BAN.


Proof? Plus you’re better off contacting them directly if you want a response, but I’m sure they’ll ask for proof as well.

You probably should have reported then blocked them via the console features. Not sure if TC will do anything about it.

Today this leebro44 came into two games, one was wave 43 and one wave 47 and began moving all fortifications into red zone and destroyed tri-shots/heavy weapons in the furnace.

This dude is a serious piece of ■■■■


Hello, and I am sure this is frustrating but, calling out players is not permitted here. Please, always report the player using the tools provided with Xbox Live.

You can also provide proof and contact Xbox Support or TC on twitter to have the issue investigated.

Will be closing this.

Thank you.

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