Making the game move faster and show less animation does not fix the lag problem it makes it worse

I love this game but for the love of every gamer out tgere will you please fix these issues with lag and aim bots. I’m in Seattle and I find myself 70% of the time on servers I have no buissness being on. If thevlag is so bad none of the kill cams match up with what happened on my screen then obviously something needs to be addressed. It’s hard to promote this game when people watch and they see this kinda of stuff going on. Some times the lag is so bad it won’t even show the kill cam all the way through and if some one picks up a meat shield there’s no animation it’s instantaneous when you jump you can see yourself flying stuck in place like superman meat Shields will be in the air or slight over from where they should be animated. The people shooting you kill you with out even aiming there gun you just die when you get close to them. Write some code that fixes this. Stop focusing on graphics they are good enough. Make the game play more efficiently. These issues have been happening since unreal tournament why dies no one care to fix them? Maybe you should try to talk to the owner of bungie cause halo 3 was made how long ago? 13 years maybe and none of these issues ever happened and if it did the game would reset and put people in better lobbies. Care about your product more and you’ll probably gain more followers

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I guess it’s the time where telekinetix makes the monthly salt thread and then never reply to anyone until next month.


Seriously. Killcam is garbage since release as admitted by the long since departed Cleven.

Ignore it, turn it off altogether, and move tf on.

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Not long enough.

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btw correct me…isn’t this one of the op who just ‘complain’ and don’t reply to others i could be wrong i think you have a better memory then me lol

I totally and completely forgot that Killcams were a thing in this game. Turned it off day 1 and haven’t touched it since.

Don’t see why the killcams even exist. Everyone knows they aren’t accurate. Plus the game seems to arbitrarily decide when it wants to even show the killcam at all.

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Yes, he is. He’s well known for it. The rants are usually long, pathetic and incoherent and then, yes, he vanishes for a while until he loses another few matches.