Making Gears 5 Heroes Unique (or as near as)

Hi - a thought for the Devs here. I love the new Hero system so all good.

Cosmetically I’d really like to be able to make my Marcus, Emile or Del my own unique Hero as much as possible so it’d be great if we could have the ability to mix up their forthcoming outfits moving forward. I mean the ability to have specific top from one skin set and headgear or leggings from another skinset etc etc.

This would give each us of a chance of creating more varied heroes that look close to unique.



Character creators can cause a myriad of conflicts from collision issues to texture issues. If they don’t have it now seriously doubt they’re going to add it in aftermarket. Easier to design with full character models in mind too so saves them time and money on the business side of things.

City of Heroes did it beautifully donkeys years ago. Would it really be that much of a stretch?

Considering all the issues they already have and that the weapons skins don’t always load in properly as is, pretty much. Like I said if it isn’t in already it doesn’t really make economic sense and it can cause a myriad of issues for something that is just cosmetic, it might be appreciated sure, but it also isn’t that kind of game either. Just saying don’t hold your breath. As my personal opinion on the matter I’d say nay too even if it didn’t have issues associated with it. They had a lot of skins in Judgement and quite frankly when given the chance people try to make complete eyesores by design just to be as obnoxious as possible of course I’m fairly opposed to customization as a whole in certain style of games and even if there is customization I tend to use the default and would prefer instead of those cosmetic options they spent time on actual content. Making anything even a simple recolor takes time and resources and that’s time and resources they could have been using fixing a bug, fine tuning things or adding playable content.